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Department of Management and Mathematical Modeling of Market Processes

We teach Business and Management professionally!

Head of the Department of Management and Mathematical Modeling of Market Processes is
Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences Elena Sadchenko.


The Head of the Department of Management and Mathematical Modeling of Market Processes is Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences Elena Sadchenko

The author of over 150 scientific publications (monographs, manuals, brochures and articles).

The owner of such grants as Soros grant for the traineeship at Central European University (Budapest) in 1999 year; MacArthur Foundation grant (the USA) on economic and environmental issues in 2001 year.

The co-author of the Second National Report on Biodiversity Conservation in Ukraine.

The developer of a scientific project of the Global Environment Facility (GEF), supported by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, within the problem “The Preservation and Maintenance of the Knowledge associated with biodiversity, innovations and traditional forms of nature usage by the local authorities”.

The developer of such projects as "Conceptual and methodological basics for the creation of marine economic and environmental inventory of Ukraine", "About the institutionalization of types of ownership on objects of natural resource potential", "The Environmental Passport of the subject of the nature usage," "Model project of regional passport of environmental infrastructure," etc.

The Member of Specialized Academic Councils of the Institute for Market Problems and Economic-and-Ecological Research of the NAS of Ukraine (Odessa) and the National Mining University of Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk).

The chairman of the State Examination Commission of leading universities of Odessa.

The holder of such certificates as: "Research Studies and Innovation Management", "Business and Sustainable Development", "Environment and Politics", "Partnership for Democracy for the sake of Nation’s Health", "Modern Aspects of Mathematics of Harmony and its Application In the Economy, Science, Technology, Society and Education», “Social and Geographical Problems in East-Central Europe in the early 21st century."


Dear friends!

We are glad to welcome you on the site of the Department of Management and Mathematical Modeling of Market Processes of the Institute of Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics of Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University!

Over 18 years the department has been training bachelors and specialists in the specialty "Management of Organisations and Administration". Students study special subjects, they have the possibility to practice at the leading enterprises of Odessa. In addition, they also have the opportunity to take part in international internships.

There is a high exactingness of teaching staff to their work on the faculty. It manifests itself in the educational process at a high scientific and methodological level, in the development of scientific problems, in the preparation of thesis and their defending.

The members of the department do outstanding work with students, PhD students, giving them the knowledge, skills and experience and, of course, the part of their soul. As a result, students and PhD students of the department annually win prizes at different conferences, contests and competitions.

On this site you will find the information about the Department of Management and Mathematical Modeling of Market Processes, you will get the necessary information for university entrance, meet the teaching staff and students of the department, you will learn about the basic disciplines and scientific achievements and, of course, you will find out about our leisure and interesting events.

We have also prepared a number of interesting photos and videos about the life of the students of the department. We hope that our site will help you to find answers to all your questions, and we will be glad to see you among the students of our department.

The Head of Department of Management,
and Mathematical Modeling of Market Processes
Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences
Elena Sadchenko


Department of Management and Mathematical Modeling of Market Processes
prepares specialists in the specialty
«Management of Organizations and Administration».

Presentation of Managment Department

Most of the teaching staff has taken part in internships at universities of Europe (France, Portugal, the Netherlands, England, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria) and the USA.

Annually they raise their professional level, taking part in international and Ukrainian scientific and practical conferences, seminars and round tables.

Many of them are practitioners in the field of business management, marketing, crisis management of companies, etc.

The experience and skills of teaching staff of our department: teaching in the MBA program, business consulting, business - training and seminars in management, marketing, pricing, sales, merchandising.

The innovative approach, modern teaching methods, and also democratic style of communication between students and teachers are used for conducting classes.

Department of Management and Mathematical Modeling of Market Processes

Education takes place at the main building of Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University at Dvoryanskaya, 2

Education and qualification level of the graduate: Bachelor (6.030601), Specialist (7.030601),Master 8.03060101

There is full-time and correspondence study.

After graduation students who successfully complete the specialty and have a tendency to research activities will study as PhD students.

The scope of activity of graduates:

  • - Banking and financial management. Investment management. Hotel - Restaurant business and tourism. Crewing. IT-technology. TV. Advertising business. Marketing. Logistics. HR management. Environmental inspections.
  • - Public, private, national and international organizations and corporations, private business

Graduates of specialty of «Management of Organizations and Administration» possess knowledge and skills to:

the Basics of Management

Control Theory

System Synthesis in Management

Public Administration

Corporate Governance

Crisis Management

Macro- and Microeconomy

Enterprise Economy

Theory of Economic Analysis

Operations Management

Analysis and Accounting


Investment Management

Investment and the Development of Investment Strategies

the Basics of Scientific-Technological and Innovative Policy of Companies

Financial Management


Innovation Management

Information Systems and Technologies in Management

It-Project Management

Enterprise Information Systems

Workstation Management

Modern Information Technologies

Information Technology in Business

Theoretical Foundations of Marketing

Strategic Marketing

Strategic Management

Competition Policy of Enterprises

Management Competitiveness of Enterprises

Strategic Planning and Management

Marketing Research


Advertising and Promotional Activities

Psychology and Personnel Management

Bank Management


Management in the Transport Sector

Management in the Non-Manufacturing Sector

Environmental Economics

Environmental Management

Management and Marketing of Tourism and Hospitality

International Tourism Policy

Economy of Tourist Markets

Travel Agency Management

Management of Foreign Economic Activity

Harmonic Management

Project Management

Time Management

7 key reasons for admission to IMEM on specialty «Management of Organizations and Administration»

  1. The educational process at IMEM provides in-depth study of basic and specialized courses on the specialty "Management of Organizations and Administration" which allows the graduate quickly understand the problem occurred at all levels of company management as well as timely to take high quality solution to overcome it.
  2. The whole learning process is structured to more fully reveal the leadership qualities of students, to develop their analytical skills and strategic thinking.
  3. Training courses aimed at training professionals who are able to solve the most complex interdisciplinary problems.
  4. Practical skills acquired while participating in internships at enterprises of different industries and types of ownership; educational practice in laboratories "Business - Projects", master - classes and trainings, as well as participating in the real business - projects.
  5. Students study disciplines of the future: System Synthesis in Management – NEW! Harmonic Management – NEW!
  6. Trained on a unique methodology developed by the teaching staff of the department and used in the practical course "Workshop on Management." This course aims to develop managerial leadership qualities as well as personal effectiveness in management. Students get along with elementary skills such as resume writing, effective interviewing, career planning, etc., extremely important and necessary knowledge of manager in the sphere of conflict management, stress management, psychological impact of managerial communication, influence and the use of power in the team, the secrets of the business training and much more.
  7. By the end of studies, graduates have a ready portfolio for successful interviewing and employment. Employment opportunities for graduates of the specialty "Management of Organizations and Administration" are very wide: graduates successfully work at senior positions in public and private institutions / organizations, many of them open their own business.

And one more important reason -

interesting and rich student life!

Department of Management and mathematical modeling of market processes - KVK

interesting and rich student life

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