The Translation Department

Elena Matuzkova, D.Sc., Professor, Head of the Translation Department

Academic staff of the Translation Department

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The number of lecturers: 16, including professors – 1, Ph.Ds/associate professors – 9, senior lecturer – 1, lecturers – 5.

  • E. Matuzkova, D.Sc., Professor.
  • L. Yarovenko, Ph.D., Associate Professor.
  • M. Kirillova, Ph.D., Associate Professor.
  • E. Kolesnikova, Ph.D., Associate Professor.
  • O. Kovalenko, Ph.D., Associate Professor.
  • A. Boldyreva, Ph.D., Associate Professor.
  • S. Yeryomenko, Ph.D., Associate Professor.
  • I. Raevskaya, Ph.D., Associate Professor.
  • O. Grinko, Ph.D., Associate Professor.
  • K. Bezpalova, Ph.D Associate Professor.
  • A. Shlipatska, senior lecturer.
  • V. Pshonyak, lecturer.
  • L. Vasilyeva, lecturer.
  • Ye. Moroz, lecturer.
  • N. Horbatiuk, lecturer.
  • A. Negru, lecturer.

The Departments teaches the following subjects:

  • First Foreign Language (English)
  • Second Foreign Language (Italian and Greek)
  • Translation Practice (English Language)
  • Translation Practice (Italian and Greek)
  • Translation Studies 101
  • Linguistic and Cultural Studies (English Language)
  • Linguistic and Cultural Studies (Italian and Greek)
  • Introduction to Professional Activities
  • Theory of Verbal Communication 101
  • Terminology Studies
  • Scientific Research 101
  • Translation Editing and Proofreading 101
  • Problems of Social and Cultural Differences in Languages
  • Translation Problems (Grammar Aspect)
  • Business English Translation
  • Science and Technical Literature (Translation Approach)
  • Interpretation Studies 101
  • Cultural Problems in Translation
  • Translation of Legal Texts
  • Computer-Assisted Translation and Simultaneous Interpreting
  • Theory and History of Translation
  • Teaching Languages and Translation
  • Comparative Stylistics of Foreign Languages and Ukrainian
  • Conference Interpreting.

The Department also teaches Italian or Greek as the third foreign language for all other departments at the faculty.

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