Chair of English Lexicology and Stylistics

Head of the Chair – Kolegaeva Irina,
Doctor of Philological Sciences, Full Professor

Staff of the Chair

  • Dolusova Natalya candidate of philological sciences, associate professor
  • Igina Olena candidate of philological sciences, associate professor
  • Kaliniuk Olena candidate of philological sciences, associate professor
  • Kashuba Marina candidate of philological sciences, associate professor
  • Kolegaeva Irina doctor of philological sciences, full professor
  • Korolyova Natalia lecturer
  • Krasnitskaya Katerina candidate of philological sciences, associate professor
  • Nastalovska Irina candidate of philological sciences, associate professor
  • Netreba Kateryna lecturer
  • Novakovska Olga candidate. of philological sciences, lecturer
  • Popik Irina candidate of philological sciences, associate professor
  • Pozdnyakov Denis candidate of philological sciences, associate professor
  • Rekonvald Natalia candidate of philological sciences, associate professor
  • Rozanova Olena candidate of philological sciences, associate professor
  • Stepaniuk Nelia candidate of philological sciences, associate professor
  • Strochenko Lesya candidate of philological sciences, associate professor
  • Terekhova Lilia candidate of philological sciences, lecturer
  • Tomchakovsky Olexandr candidate of philological sciences, associate professor
  • Tkhor Neonila candidate of philological sciences, associate professor

staff lexicology

General characteristics of the Chair

The Chair of English Lexicology and Stylistics was reorganized from the Chair of the English Philology in 1975. Its founder and first head was doctor of philological sciences, full professor Valeria Kukharenko. At that time the staff of the chair consisted of 12 lecturers, only two of whom were specialists of higher qualification: full prof. Kukharenko V. and ass. prof. Gorshkova K.

At present 19 lecturers (17 of them – candidates of philological sciences) work at the chair under the guidance of full professor Irina Kolegaeva. All of them used to be post-graduate students at the chair of English lexicology and stylistics. The following doctors of philological sciences: O. Karpenko, O. Matuzkova, T. Dombrovan and candidates of philological sciences: O. Nikulina, O. Meletyeva, A. Tomas, Vit N., O. Naboka, I. Onischuk, O. Dzhumatiy were post-graduate students of the chair. Nowadays these specialists make up the core of the English philologists working at different chairs of the department as well as different universities of Odessa. Professor Golubenko L., dean of the Romance-Germanic Philology Department is also a post-graduate student of professor Kukharenko V. And a famous showman Filimoniv O., well known in Ukraine and abroad, is still proud of belonging to this scientific school.

Today four out of nine chairs of the R G Ph department in ONU are headed by the specialists who prepared their candidate and doctoral theses at the chair of lexicology and stylistics. They are: full prof. Karpenko O., head of the English grammar chair, ass. prof. Vit N., head of the chair of foreign languages for the humanitarian departments, full. prof. Matuzkova O., head of the chair of the theory and practice of translation. The chair of English lexicology and stylistics was headed by prof. Kukharenko V. (1975-1983), then by ass. prof. Tkhor N. (1983-1994). Since 1994 the chair has been headed by prof. Kolegaeva I.

A new academic school founded by prof. Kukharenko V. and continued by prof. Kolegaeva I. is successfully developing now. The researches deal with text linguistics, individual style study, issues of verbal communication and translation, linguocognitive investigation of English discourse and problems of linguistic semantics. The chair provides post-graduate courses in the qualification 10.02.04 – Germanic languages.

The Chair staff members teach the students of the Romance-Germanic philology department, the future teachers of English and German as well as future translators and interpreters. The staff of the chair help them mastering modern English and lead them into the philological academic world introducing such theoretical courses as lexicology, stylistics, country studies, theory of communication, text interpretation. Professors and associate professors offer wide range of special courses: from Business English to highlights of mass and pop culture in the English speaking world. Materials and methodological skills obtained during trainings abroad are effectively applied in the teaching process.

The chair is the basis of the philological library comprising more than 3 thousand volumes of scientific literature on general and special linguistic issues. The monographs, candidate and doctoral theses, scientific journals, dictionaries and encyclopedias are a solid theoretical basis used both by beginners as well as by experienced philologists.

In 2000 the American Study and Resource Centre headed by prof. Kolegaeva I. was founded. The staff of the centre are young lecturers of the chair of English lexicology and stylistics. Different seminars for lecturers and students from Odessa universities are held at the centre. The resource funds include hundreds of reference books, audio and video materials on linguistics, methodology, American studies and modern culture of the English speaking world. During its existence the chair has been hosting lecturers from Great Britain and the USA who were working at Mechnikov university after British Council and Fulbright programs and were holding seminars and trainings for lecturers and students.

The chair of English lexicology and stylistics regularly organizes workshops and master classes for the lecturers of the department, in which representatives of Oxford University Press and other leading educational organizations take active part. The given workshops are dedicated to the discussion of the latest English teaching methods, assessment and usage of innovative multimedia components in the teaching process (iTutor, iChecker and others).

oxvord lexicology
Oxford University Press workshop: Digital literacy: How to help implement technology use in the classroom

Teaching activity

The staff members of the chair teach the following theoretical and practical courses:
  • English Lexicology
  • English Stylistics
  • British Studies
  • The basics of academic research
  • American Studies
  • The basics of the language communication theory
  • English Terminology
  • Organization of research activity
  • Vocabulary Studies
  • Home Reading
  • Conversation
  • Newspaper Studies
  • English as a second foreign language
The following special courses based on the results of recent researches are taught by the Chair staff at present:
  • Kolegaeva I. – Text as a speech, communicative and cultural phenomenon
  • Kolegaeva I. – Modern cognitive studies. Organization of research activity
  • Rozanova O. – Professional communication skills
  • Kalinyuk O. – Text interpretation
  • Tomchakovsky O. – Modern English lexicography
  • Pozdnjakov D. – Lexical semantics
All special courses are logically connected with the researches, carried out by the members of the chair, as well as with the directions of the teaching process which the chair of English Lexicology and Stylistics provides for. Each special course is supplied with the appropriate theoretical grounding and a program.

Academic activity

The title of the research work is “Discoursive, structural and semiotic investigation of the English image of the world” 0113U002684
The majority of the academic publications of the staff members of the chair can be viewed here:

International activity

During 2015-2017 a member of the chair O. Tomchakovskiy had a series of training in the framework of the project “English for universities” organized by the British Council in Ukraine in such areas as “English for Specific Purposes” and “English for Academic Purposes”; and also got a certificate of a teacher trainer from Oxford University Department for Continuing Education. At present O. Tomchakovskiy under the contract with TESOL Arabia is a mentor for the starting teachers of English in the MENA countries.
tony prince
A. Tomchakovskiy with Tony Prince (British Council)
Course: Teaching English for Academic Purposes
martyn clarke
A. Tomchakovskiy with Martyn Clarke (Oxford University Department for Continuing Education)
Course: Oxford Teacher's Academy Course in Mentoring Skills
The main task of the chair is efficient training of specialists in the field of English philology. In modern Ukraine this qualification is in great demand which causes corresponding reaction of the educational market. In the southern region of Ukraine a lot of educational establishments offer the degree of English philologists thus generating the atmosphere of tough competition. The R G Ph department at large and the English lexicology and stylistics chair in particular see the priorities in securing their victory in this competition as preserving the staff potential supporting the brand of Odessa Mechnikov National University, implementing new technologies in teaching, expanding library funds, and developing favorable conditions for the young staff members’ creative growth.
Foreign lecturers:
  • Richard Fried (USA); Kitty Johnson (USA);
  • Theodor Rogers (USA); Ivonne Heft (USA);
  • Mark Halperin (USA).

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