German Philology Department

German Philology Department

The head of the department – Professor, the head of the German Philology Department Lidiya Nikolayivna Golubenko, the year of election – 1998.

German Philology Department was founded in 1960

The structure of the Department: the German Literature Library belongs to the German Philology Department. The  Department has 23 members of staff, including professors, Doctors of Philological Science - 1, Associate Professors – 9, Assistant Professors – 9, lectureres – 4.

The staff of the chair

  • L.M. Golubenko, candidate of philological science, professor
  • T.D. Werbizkaya, candidate of pedagogical science, associate professor
  • I.G. Kulina, candidate of philological science, associate professor
  • L.L. Bukreeva, candidate of philological science, associate professor
  • N.W. Petlyuchenko, candidate of philological science, associate professor
  • O,M, Chumakov, candidate of philological science, associate professor
  • M.O. Didenko, candidate of philological science, associate professor
  • T.B. Kozak, candidate of philological science, associate professor
  • O.G. Vasilchenko, candidate of philological science, associate professor
  • A. Geithner, lecturer from Germany
  • L.I. Lugovskaya, lecturer
  • L.I. Suchovezkaya, lecturer
  • O.L. Melnichuk, lecturer
  • N.Y. Kolesnichenko, lecturer
  • S.S. Boguslavskiy, lecturer
  • Y.W. Ivanizkaya, lecturer
  • I.I. Azarova, lecturer
  • L.O. Berlinskaya, lecturer
  • Y. Zaporozhchenko, lecturer
  • Zoshtchenko L.M.,  lecturer
  • Nikiforenko I.V., candidate of philological science, associate professor
  • Grishina T.V., lecturer
  • Monastirskaja J.G., lecturer

There work regularly a representative of German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) at the department, who carries the language test for obtaining a scholarship in Gremany.

There is a German resource center of the German country study, which includes a lot of modern data carriers of scientific and methodic character. The Department also has a Students German theatre.
Every year since 1992, the students-germanists take part in the summer language courses in Regensburg where they study the culture, language and art of Bavaria and Germany.

Meeting the modern needs the lecturers of the German Philology Department have developed and successfully deliver new courses: “Foundations of spoken communication”, “Foundations of scientific research”, “The second language as a specialty”, “Foundations of pedagogical skills”, “Practice of translation”, “Translation of business conversation”, “Terminology”.

Scientific and Methodic Work of the German Philology

The lecturers, post-graduates and graduates work on the chair theme “Language communication and units of the language communication”. Generally this theme is topical both in modern philology and in germanistics. The results are put into courses of communication, theoretical phonatics, lexicology and stylistics of the German language.

The stored theoretical acknowledgment is laid on the basis of the theoretical researches, which are carried out in form of papers, bachelor thesis works, enriches linguistic, on the ground of which description of dissertations are made within this chair theme.

In 2004-2006 the lecturers of the chair published 60 articles and thesis of the scientific reports. Prof.V.G. Taranets published a monography "Aryans.Slavs.Ruses and origin of the names "Ukraine" and "Rus".-Publishment of the Odessa Regional Institut of the National Academy of the State governing under President of Ukraine. – Odessa, 2004.-294p.

The educational activity of the Chair provides of training specialists in several fields, the main concern being teaching the students of the Department of Romance-Germanic Philology, future teachers of the English and German languages and literatures and future interpreters and translators. Professors, associate professors, and lecturers of the Chair train them to skillfully master modern English, and also introduce them to the academic world of linguistics by lecturing on theoretical courses in lexicology, stylistics, country studies, verbal communication, text interpretation, literature of the English-speaking countries. Professors and associate professors of the Chair offer the students a number of special courses in most important subjects, varying from English business communication to reviews of mass and pop-culture of the last decade in the English-speaking world. Materials and methodical skills, acquired during internships in other countries, are later used in the educational process.

According to the plan of future improvement of methodological base the staff members of the Chair write their own textbooks, manuals and commentaries, as well as create curricula in teaching English as the first and the second foreign languages. The new publications fill up the funds of the Chair library, which counts more than 2000 volumes of academic literature covering general questions in linguistics together with special problems of English philology. The monographs, dissertations, academic magazines and reviews, dictionaries and encyclopedias present here, serve as a reliable source actively used by both skilled and apprentice philologists.


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