The Chair of Foreign Languages of the Faculties of Arts

Updated 05.10.2015

Department of Foreign Languages of the Arts Faculties



Head of the Department - Candidate of Philology, Associate Prof. Vit N.P.

Віт Надія Петрівна - кандидат філологічних наук, доцент, завідувач кафедри


Historical Reference.

The Department was founded as a result of   dividing the University Department of  Foreign Languages into two independent structures due to the required differential approach to teaching students of the Humanitarian Faculties and Faculties of  Natural Sciences. 
The Department has preserved and enriched the traditions that were laid down by its former heads - talented educationalists  and linguists Prof. Nushikyan E.A., Prof. Skalkin V.L.  and Prof. Golubenko L.N. 
The strategic concept of the development of the Department is training specialists with profound knowledge of a foreign language. 
The teaching staff of the Department  work at all the Humantarian Faculties and Departments of the University: 
- at the Institute of Social Sciences (Departments of Sociology, Politology, International Relations);
- at the Philosophy Faculty (Departments of Philosophy and Culturology);
- at the Faculty of Economy and Law (Departments of Jurisprudence, Management of Foreign Economic Activity, Bookeeping and Audit);
- at the Faculty of History;
- at the Philological Faculty (Departments of the Ukrainian, Russian, Bulgarian Languages, Department of Applied Lingistics,
- at the Faculty Journalism, Advertising  and Editing;
Since 1993 together with the Philological Faculty binary specialists qualified as  "Philologist, teacher of the Ukrainian / Russian language and literature, the English /German language" have been trained.
The Deparment provides a course: "English/French for post-graduate students".
The staff of the Department teach French at all the Faculties of Natural Sciences and in the Institute of Mathematics, Economy and Mechanics. 
The Department maintain close contacts with the Departments of the majors which enables co-ordination of the curricula with majors courses themes. The content of teaching is regulated by the curricula of each faculty and Department where foreign languages are taught. Extensive curricula in different aspects for teaching languages for students with different levels of knowledge have been worked out for the Philological Faculty and the Department of International Relations. 
Annual students' scientific conferences in foreign languages are held. Since 1988   1927  reports on the results of  the students’ research work have been made in the English, German and French languages.  
The Department is divided into three sections: 
  • English Section (24 lecturers, head of the section - Associate Prof. Anufriyeva N.M);
  • German Section (5 lecturers, head of the section - Senior Lecturer Dolenko L.V);
  • French Section (4 lecturers, head of the section – Associate Prof. Ivanova N.G.).


Кафедра іноземних мов гуманітарних факультетів, РГФ
Teaching staff. With the expansion of the sphere of work the staff of the Department increase in number and now the Department of Foreign Languages for Humanitarian Faculties  is one of the largest structural subdivisions of the University. It consists of  24 Associate Professors, 3 senior lecturers,  7 lecturers:
1 Vit N.P. Associate Professor
2 Aleksandrova O.V.  Associate Professore         
3 Anufriyeva N.M. Associate Professor
4 Berezina Yu.A. Lecturer
5 Dzhumatiy O.O. Lecturer
6 Dimova L.S. Associate Professor
7 Dobrovolskaya L.V. Associate Professor
8 Dolenko L.V. Lecturer
9 Ivanova N.G. Associate Professor
10 Karavayeva T. L. Associate Professor
11 Koval N.A. Associate Professor
12 Kozak T.B. Associate Professor
13 Martchuk I.P. Associate Professor
14 Mikava N.M. Senior lecturer
15 Naboka E.N. Associate Professor
16 Neklesova V.Yu. Associate Professor
17 Oleinitchenko E.V. Associate Professor
18 Onistchuk I.Yu. Associate Professor
19 Orlov V.V. Senior lecturer
20 Petratchkkova L.O. Lecturer
21 Podkovyroff  N. Senior lecture         
22 Potapova I.N. Lecturer
23 Prysyazhnyuk O.Y. Associate Professor
24 Romantchuk V.V. Lecturer
25 Rudik I.V. Associate Professor
26 Sarzhan Yu.A. Associate Professor
27 Sklyarenko O.N. Associate Professor
28 Ter-Grigoryan M.G.  Associore Professor        
29 Tupikova T.V. Associate Professor
30 Ulitina N.A. Associate Professor
31 Fedotova M.A. Associate Professor
32 Filyuk L.N. Associate Professor
33 Tchertok L.P. Associate Professor
34 Yakimova I.V. Lecturer

Research work.

The research area of the Deparment is connected with the its specialisation and encompasses a wide range of problems in the sphere of foreign languages teaching methods.  The research theme of the Department is "Text-centred approach to the development of profficiency-oriented  foreign language competence".   The lecturers of the Department also participate in 4 research themes of the Romance-Germanic Faculty, dealing with the problems of comparative linguistics, cognitive linguistics, linguistics of the text, the theory of communication, theoretical phonetics, pedagogics.
Regular seminars for providing the teaching staff with modern home and foreign languages teaching technologies and experience exchange are held. 
In the period of  2008-2015 the lecturers of the Department have published 3 monographs, 200 articles and 50 theses, 60 text-books.  
The Department of Foreign Languages for Humanitarian Faculties  organizes and holds  International Conferences in Teaching Foreign Languages and Literature in remembrance of  its former Head prof. Skalkin V.L., an outstanding scholar  in the sphere of foreign languages teaching methods.
The Department takes part in the British Council project «English for Universities» (2014-2017).

Address of the Department:

Odessa State University, Department of Foreign Languages, Frantsuzskiy Boulevard  24/26, room 155, Odessa, Ukraine
Phone:(+380 – 0482) 635-745


Dvoryanskaya str., 2,Odessa, 65082
Reception (38-048)723-52-54
Phone/fax (38-048)723-35-15


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