Borisov Mikhail

Senior lecturer of the department

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Academic degree/ academic rank

Dissertation «The development and improvement of recreational facilities and nature resort in Ukraine»

Main courses (“lecture hours”)

«Transformation economy of Ukraine» - 30; «International Economic Organizations» - 10. Borisov M.U. supervises course papers, Bachelor papers, Specialist papers.

Scientific activity within latest years

  1. Borisov M.U. NATO and the economic security of Ukraine / / Journal of Research and Information Center for International Security and Euro-Atlantic cooperation DNU. - Donetsk, 2008. - P.97-99.
  2. Borisov M.U., Korytnyuk I.A. «Goodbye, dollar?» / / Black Sea News. - № 54-55. - May 1, 2008.
  3. Borisov M.U., KorytnyukI.A. « Goodbye, dollar?» / / Vechernyaya Odessa. - № 69.- 15 May 2008г.
  4. Borisov M.U. «The financial mechanism forproviding recreational activities». The second international scientific conference «Competitive strategy: theory, practice - Odessa, 2006.
  5. Borisov M.U. Interconnectionof developing institutions in transformationaleconomy. / / Market economy: modern theory and practice of management. Vol.7. (Issue 8): The formation of market structure transformation in the economy of Ukraine. - Odessa: Astroprint, 2004. - P.10-15.

Participated in the following conferences

  1. International Conference «Evidence Based Decision-Making - Applying Economics to Real Life". Kiev School of Economics. Kiev. 10-11 April 2008.
  2. International Conference «Ukraine-NATO Partnership, Russia-NATOafter Buharestskiy summit». Donetsk National University, Donetsk. 14-16 May 2008.
  3. Spring Academy NATO «Transformation of NATO and the security threat nowadays». Odessa National I.I. Mechnikov University, Odessa. 22-24 May 2008.
  4. Autumn Academy NATO “NATO and security issues in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.”Donetsk National University. 12-14 November 2008.
  5. Scientific conference faculty ODEU. - Odessa State Economic University, Odessa. - 10-11 April 2008.
  6. Annual participation with students in international conferences, Kyiv School of Economics (ex-EERC)

Qualifications upgrade

Odessa National Law Academy (2004). Department of Economics. Topic: «The role of international organizations in the development of Ukraine economy».


Dvoryanskaya str., 2,Odessa, 65082
Reception: (38-048)723-52-54
Phone/fax: (38-048)723-35-15


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