Department of History and World Politics

The head of the department candidate of historical sciences, associate professor Mykola Andriyovych Shevchuk

The faculty is founded as educational-scientific branch of Institute of social sciences in November 1994г.

Since January, 2003 the faculty is headed by the candidate of historical sciences, senior lecturer Nikolay Andreevich Shevchyuk.

Quantity{Amount} of teachers: only 8, from them 1 doctors of sciences, the professor, 6 candidates of sciences, senior lecturers and 1 candidate of sciences, the senior teacher.

Personal structure of teachers:

  • M. A.Shevchyuk, managing faculties, the candidate of historical sciences, the senior lecturer.
  • N.M. Jakupov, the doctor of historical sciences, the professor.
  • F.I.Akimov, the candidate of historical sciences, the senior lecturer.
  • G.P. Grebennik, the candidate of historical sciences, the senior lecturer.
  • J.A.Nemchenko, the candidate of historical sciences, the senior lecturer.
  • Ju.V. Uzun, the candidate of political sciences, the senior lecturer.
  • I.Nikolaeva's m., candidate It is watered, sciences, the senior teacher
  • S. V. Koch The candidate of historical sciences, the senior lecturer

The collective of faculty provides reading 29 training courses and special courses. During 1994-2004 by faculty there are begun 11 new training courses: " the Liberal idea of XX century ", " the Politics І human rights ", " Electoral systems of the countries of the world and the electoral policy{politics} ", " History of social and democratic movements ", " Totalitarian modes XX century ", " Bases of geopolitics ", " Political global studies ", " History of diplomacy ", " Diplomatic and consular service ", " the International organizations ", " Foreign policy of Ukraine".

The faculty participates in preparation of students behind specialities "political science", "sociology", " the international relations " - in Institute of social sciences; " new and newest history " - at historical faculty; "philosophy" and "cultural science" - at philosophical faculty; " the international economic attitudes{relations} " - in Institute of mathematics and economy; " management of foreign trade activities " - on economy - legal faculty.

During 1994-2004 postgraduate study have finished:. Century of Simeons (1999). Century Tkachuk (2001), About. Item Дудник (2001). V. Uzun (2001), O.T.Nikolaev (2003), V. V. Demeshin (2003), V.V. Голоперов (2004), A.I.Zagary (2004), D.S.Brzhestovsky (2004). From them have protected master's theses: Uzun V. Concept " a civil society " in history and theories of a political idea (2002); Nikolaev O.T.Matritsa of local self-management in Ukraine: modelling, becoming, forecasting (2004); Tkachuk. Century Globalization in sphere of politics institutes and mechanisms goverment influences (2004).

All members of faculty take part in scientific work - 1 doctor of historical sciences, the professor, 5 candidates of historical sciences, senior lecturers, 2 - the candidate of political sciences, from them 1 - the senior lecturer 1 - the senior teacher.

Scientific activity of department:

Scientific activity of faculty is carried out within the limits of a complex research theme " Ukraine in global political process: historical experience, problems, searches ".

Directions of scientific researches: a parity{ratio} of policy{politics} and morals in history of a world{global} political idea; the constitutional process in modern Ukraine; reforming of system of local self-management in Ukraine; the ethnic factor in modern political process of Ukraine; history of German colonization in the south of Ukraine in ХІХ-ХХ a century; right radical movement in Germany; transformation of the public relation in transitive the period in a modern Ukrainian society.

In 2004 it is published:

  • Jakupov N. 's monography " On a break: lessons and results " (342с.);
  • A bibliographic index " Germans of Black Sea region in a life and activity of Odessa and region, 1803-2003 ". The organizer of V.V. Samodurova. Scientific the editor and authors of introductory articles of A.Ajsfeld, M. Shevchyuk (308 with.);
  • 11 articles in total amount 4,5 press{seal}, a leaf{sheet}., theses of reports - 4,

At participation of faculty in university it is lead the international scientific conference " Germans of Black Sea Coast and Ukrainian-German cultural communications" (2003).

During 2004 25 students took part{participated} in scientific work of faculty. Two students have taken part in scientific conference which passed at Chernovtsy university.

On faculty the scientific student's circle "Revival" works. Efforts of students the wall newspaper "Revival" on a regular basis stands out.

The international activity:

According to the contract about scientific cooperation ONU with Regensburgs university the program of scientific partnership between manager is carried out. Faculties of M. A.Shevchyuk and professor Ekkehardom Folklem. In this occasion scientific business trips in Regensburgs university in 1995, 1996,3998, 1999 and 2001 and, accordingly, Odessa - in 1995, 1998 have been carried out

The m. A.Shevchyuk was on training in Germany under the program of German academic service of an exchange (1996 and 2001) twice. It has taken also participation in the international scientific conferences abroad: in Germany (Goettingen, 1998), Russia (Moscow, 1998, 2000).

The post-graduate student of faculty of Century of Century Goloperov was in scientific business trip in Regensburgs university in 2003


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