2 diplomas Ukraine – Poland

Ukraine – Poland:




Bachelors, who have graduated any university and enrolled in the Institute of Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics on the Master of Computer Systems and Networks, are able to obtain two diplomas – Ukrainian and Polish. 

Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University and University of Computer Sciences and Skills (Łódź, Poland, http://wsinf.edu.pl/eng/) signed an Agreement and agreed a two-year curricula for master training. 

During the 1st year, students are trained in the home university (in the ONU – the Department of Mathematical Support of Computer Systems or the Department of Computer Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, and on 2nd year can continue their education in the partner university. 

Due to the concerted curricula, the results of the study of the second-year subjects will be credited against in both universities.

After defending master's theses in each of the Universities graduates receive a master's degree in "Computer systems and networks", which allows you to work on the territory of Ukraine, and a Masters of Informatics, recognized in the European Union.


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