Mathematics as a profession

Mathematics as a profession

There is talking about that a mathematician it is necessary to be born. Of course, it is desirable that one should be born first. But the becoming of the mathematician is a natural process and its realization depends on a lot of factors. There are more opportunities to become interested in mathematics than in any other science because the explanation of any phenomenon of the world around us starts with number.
It has already become universally recognized that the sciences with the mathematical representation of the fundamental results evolve fastest. Applying mathematical methods researchers draw most important conclusions that could hardy be obtained in another way. This alone accounts for the fact why mathematics is called the “Queen of sciences”. I’d like you to remember Leonardo da Vinci’s words:”No research of the man can be called true science if it has not passed the mathematical proof.”
Mathematics serves other sciences but at the same time it has light and wisdom in itself. The human mind grasps suitably what mathematics matters for itself. Therefore, having made some mathematical “finding” every mathematician feels particular pleasure. This person begins to grasp the overall beauty of mathematics more and more, his interest grows and soon he discovers a great variety of mathematics. He cannot resist his inclination and makes mathematics the main occupation of his life – his profession.
But nobody can move afar in mathematics and can become a professional mathematician without making its “soft part” a hard. As only permanent and persistent work, will open the way to imagination, making new ideas, methods and scientific discoveries.
Every representative of creative profession should have Faith, Hope and Ambition. You should always be sure that you can become a Winner. And with mathematics it can be realized reliably.
What is modern mathematics like? It divides conventionally into pure (classical) and applied mathematics. Classical and applied mathematics have a lot of different branches.
I am going to speak only about the areas of classical mathematics which are presented at I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University (it turned out so in the course of history).

Differential geometry and topology.
The founders of this school at ONU are professors N.S. Sinyukov and S.J. Leyko. The Fuzzy-set theory, the results of which have been adopted in economics, astronomy, pattern-recognitions etc., has greatly developed in recent years.
Mathematical analysis
in the basis of all uninterrupted mathematics. At present this school is represented by professors E.A. Storozhenko, A.A. Korenovskiy and their disciples. Many of the university graduates that have majored in this line are well-known in Ukraine and outside the country.
The line of differential equations
is the trend to which scientific achievements in the fields of physics, mechanics, biology, biotechnology etc are obliged. This school at our university is represented by professors A.V. Kostin, V.M. Yevtukhov and S.A. Schegolev.
Algebra and Number Theory.
Two branches – analytic number theory and computer algebra – represent this mathematical section. The Odessa school of number theory which is headed by professor P.D. Varbanets is the only one in Ukraine. The results of our investigations find applications in cryptography and coding theory. The results of researches in computer algebra are used in information technologies.
Of course, a question arises: why should a young man become a mathematician?

I have a simple and honest answer.
First of all, mathematics disciplines the evolution of your mind and this prolongs a person’s life as a creature. And although only fools are afraid of smart people, it is not so bad to be clever.
Second, the knowledge of mathematics allows you to get to know the world and if it is necessary this knowledge gives you an opportunity to work in other spheres of activity. For example, the mathematician can work as a successful analyst in different modern companies. Many of the graduates of the Institute of mathematics, economics and mechanics are employed in prosperous Ukrainian and foreign firms.
Third, the requirement of modern society for mathematicians and not only programmers is constantly rising. Of course, this fact results in the graduates having an opportunity to get a highly-paid job both in Ukraine and abroad.
This list of advantages of the profession “mathematics” is far from being complete.
Not to be unfounded, I’d like to give an example from my own experience.
1. I participated in the working out the methods of loading a vessel with containers and in the creation of the device solving this problem.
2. In co-operation with professor B.Y. Reznik we worked out special tables of the identification of the nature of disease (hereditary or acquired) with children.
3. In co-operation with professor L.M. Shafran we studied the viability of the man in a closed environment in the presence of the source of its pollution.
4. In co-operation with professor T.A. Brovchenko and professor V.G. Taranets investigations in the field of experimental phonetics were conducted.
5. Some practical problems of economics, in particular, the problem of the distribution of material resources of indistinct management were solved.
Similar examples can be given by other scientists of the IMEM.
That’s why the profession “Mathematics” should be chosen by a young person who wants to rely on himself and can count only on himself.

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