Chair of social theories

Chair of social theories

Dunaeva L.M. candidate of political sciences is the chief of the department

Dunaeva L.M. candidate of political sciences is the chief of the department

The creation of the department is the result of new approaches in the investigation social occurences. The initiator of the creation of the department in the Institute and it’s first head was professor Dmitrieva S.I. This chair was founded in 2001 for teaching fundamental social – economic disciplines according to the rector ’s order № 04a – 02, 23.01.2001.

The basic for the creation of the speciality ”Social work” firstly was deficit and necessity of such kind of specialists in Odessa region and in the whole country.

The high level of teachers’ staff, the presence of definite literature proved the necessity of creation of new speciality.


Students receive knowledge in the following disciplines:

  • the theory of social work
  • the technology of social work
  • psychology ( common: adult; social )
  • pegagogics
  • the history of social work
  • social gerontology
  • psychodiagnostics
  • ethics
  • pension maintenance
  • medico – social basic of health.

This department prepares social workers for municipal social organization; centres of  unemployment; migration services; department of social services; training centres; low organizations; state special organizations; insurance organizations and others.

This chair features 2 professors, 7 associated professor. Vice – chis of  this department is. Pischevskaya E.V. Teachers work hardly to improve process of studing.

A lot of books have been published for the last 5 year:

  • Krestovskaya N.M. ”The basis of  Rome law”
  • Dunaeva L.M. ”The history of  political sciences”
  • Vivat G. ”Writing without mistakes”
  • Dunaeva L.M., Krestovskaya N.M. ”The history of state and law”
  • Dmutrieva S.Y., Dunaeva L.M. How to write diploma thesis.
  • Ogarenko E.S. Quiz tests of philosophy

Teachers’ staff go in for scientific work. The state reseaching problem how to realize the step education, using college’s experience is investigated. The aim this work is to investigate the social effect of preparing specialists. Teachers of the chief publish their articles, thesis, scientifir and training literature. The monography by professor Dunaeva L.M. ”Power and ... : evolution of dialogue ” is coming to the end.

During the last 8 years 200 different articles, thesis and scientific works have been published. Teachers take active part in scientific conferences.

There is a students’ circle headed by Kurilyak U.D., Pischevskaya E.V. organizes different scientific conferences for teachers and students every year.


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