Chair of clinical psychology


Head of the Chair

Ph.D. in Psychology, Assistant Professor

Maryna Henadiivna Kyrylishyna

Fellow workers of the Chair

Valerii Fedorovych Prostomolotov
Valerii Fedorovych Prostomolotov
Doctor of Medicine, Professor
Evelina Dmytrivna Bulhak
Evelina Dmytrivna Bulhak
Senior Teacher
Eleonora Volodymyrivna Pishchevska
Eleonora Volodymyrivna Pishchevska
Ph.D. in History, Assistant Professor
Anastasiia Igorivna Ukhanova
Anastasiia Igorivna Ukhanova
Senior Teacher
Olga Ievheniivna Samara
Olga Ievheniivna Samara
Ph.D. in Psychology, Assistant Professor

  • Valerii Fedorovych Prostomolotov, Doctor of Medicine, Professor
  • Olga Ievheniivna Samara, Ph.D. in Psychology, Assistant Professor
  • Eleonora Volodymyrivna Pishchevska, Ph.D. in History, Assistant Professor
  • Evelina Dmytrivna Bulhak, Senior Teacher
  • Anastasiia Igorivna Ukhanova, Senior Teacher

History of the Chair

The Chair of clinical psychology was founded on March 1, 1999 at the Institute of Post-Graduate Education of I.I. Mechnykov Odesa National University and immediately became the distribution center of psychological knowledge among students.

In the years of its existence, the stable base of applicant was formed. From 2003, the agreement with secondary specialized educational establishment of Odesa and Odesa region was achieved regarding enrollment of their graduates by results of state graduation exams.

From 2008, the course of professional advanced training was initiated for psychologists, doctors and medical workers with higher and secondary specialized education.

In 2006, at the Institute of Innovative and Post-graduate Education at the basis of clinical psychology chair, the following laboratories were created:

  • Laboratory of psychodiagnostics (scientific supervisor E.M. Psiadlo, Professor)
  • Laboratory of clinical, rehabilitation psychology and psychological expertise (scientific supervisor M.B. Korobitsyna)

In 2016, due to rearrangement procedure, M.G. Kirilishyna was selected as the head of the chair.
In the period of the chair functioning, the area of its scientific interests has largely expanded.

Basic scientific areas:

  • Assessment and psychocorrection of stress reactions in extreme occupation workers. This area is developed within the state budget subject No. 168 “Creation of psychodiagnostic means and their use in the activities of psychological services of the Ministry of Emergency Management” (state registration number 0107U003866). Applicant – the Ministry of Health and Science of Ukraine.Scientific supervisor Doctor of Medicine, Prof. V.А. Rozanov; Responsible performer: Doctor of Biology, Prof. Е.А. Psiadlo; Performers: Ph.D. in Medicine, Prof. B.N. Khersonskyi, Ph.D. in Psychology, Assistant Professor М.К. Kremenchutska, Ph.D. in Medicine, Assistant Professor О.Iu. Donets, Senior Teacher А.V. Bilonozhko, Ph.D. fellow О.Ie. Samara, Psychologist of the Chief Administration of the Ministry of Emergency Management in Odesa region N.А. Dotsenko, Senior Psychologist of the Chief Administration of the Ministry of Emergency Management in Odesa region, Captain of the Internal Service O.V. Kurbatova.
  • Depth psychology and psychoanalysis (B.G. Khersonskyi, Professor)
  • Monitoring and prevention of suicidal behavior, development and standardization of methods of experimental psychological research to identify suicidal trends (Professor V.А. Rozanov, Assistant Professor О.М. Mokhovikov).
  • Psychology and occupation medicine (Professor Е.М. Psiadlo)
  • Clinical, rehabilitation psychology and psychological expertise (Assistant Professor М.B. Korobitsyna)
  • Psychological specifics of interaction between human beings and computers, modeling and processing of art and graphic information (Assistant Professor М.К. Kremenchutska)
  • Psychological aspects of legal psychology (Assistant Professor N.V. Iung)

In 2004, the project “Development and standardization of methods of experimental psychological research to identify suicidal trends” was implemented.

Basic results of fundamental research – Increase of awareness among military psychologists in terms of suicidal trends, implementation of new methods in psychological research, reduction of suicide rate, specifically, at air forces.

Subsequent development of scientific interests at the chair resulted in development of the chair’s scientific subject “Emotional stress and psychological assistance” in 2018. Subject supervisor – Professor V.F. Prostomolotov.

The following teachers perform education of Ph.D. fellows at the chair:

  • Ph.D. in Psychology, Assistant Professor О.Ie. Samara
  • Ph.D. in Medicine, Professor V.F. Prostomolotov

The students of daytime and correspondence department participate in scientific research works.

Teachers of the chair educate students in the following disciplines:

  • Anatomy and evolution of human nervous system;
  • Differential psychology;
  • Human ecology;
  • Experimental psychology;
  • Zoopsychology and comparative psychology;
  • History of psychology;
  • Clinical psychology;
  • Methods of expert examination;
  • Basics of psychological practice;
  • Basics of psychological consulting;
  • Basics of human biology and genetics;
  • Basics of psychotherapy;
  • Pathopsychology;
  • Practical course in general psychology;
  • Psychogenetics;
  • Family psychology;
  • Psychophysiology;
  • Sexology and sexopathology;
  • Social psychology;
  • Special psychology and defectology;
  • Legal psychology.

At the clinical psychology chair, students may obtain education and qualification level of Bachelor and Master in specialty 053 – Psychology.


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