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Karpinskaya (Bukach) Oksana Nikolaevna
Graduated from the Faculty of Psychology in ONU in 2012.


Place of employment: Odessa II Mechnikov National University

Training in ONU gave me a lot. I want to say a special thanks to all the teachers, and there are a lot of them. Because almost all subjects were interesting. What is especially important, always demanded real knowledge and evaluated them with dignity. Efforts have always been rewarded. We even organized a trip to the capital for a good study. But apart from studying for ever remembered different events that we have arranged. I was fortunate enough to study at a time when I celebrated the birthday of the faculty and organized a big celebration on this occasion. Beauty contests were held and so on. All this further strengthened the already very amicable course, my course. Therefore, I will always remember with great warmth the student years.

Natalia Gerasimenko
Graduated from the postgraduate PhD program in psychology at ONU in 2016.


Workplace: energy service company "StroyKapitalGrupp", executive director.

"A psychologist is a multifaceted profession that allows to manifest itself in many directions. A psychologist is not only a "Doctor of the soul", as many believe, it is also a profession that helps in business, and not only. The effectiveness of solutions for many production issues is enhanced by psychologists. I am grateful to the Department of Differential and Special Psychology that I chose to further develop my career as a psychologist. I am grateful to every teacher of the department. They not only gave knowledge of psychology, but also left a particle in each student. "

Kiryanova Alla Valeryevna
Graduated from the Faculty of Psychology in ONU in 2012.


Sphere of work: correctional psychology

I was very interested in the direction of the department, I tried to work in this industry. The friendly attitude of teachers only increased the desire to attend lectures. Properly submitted material, successful examples and practice were a good foundation for my professional development. At the moment, I continue to study - I am a graduate student, and I am engaged in private practice: I conduct classes on correcting the behavior of children with special features in development. I express my gratitude to the teachers for their sensitivity, professionalism and responsibility!

Kovaleva Maria Vladimirovna


 Workplace: Odessa State University of Internal Affairs, leading psychologist, Phd.

In 2006 she entered the ONU named after I.I. Mechnikov, at the Faculty of Psychology, at the Department of Differential and Special Psychology. Graduated from ONU named after I.I. Mechnikov in the year of 2011. Graduated from the post-graduate course of ONU named after I. I. Mechnikov in 2015.
“Studying at the University in my specialty, I acquired not only priceless knowledge, certain skills, but also the ability to understand, primarily myself. After all, when you can help to sort out something for yourself – you can help others as well, since the profession of a psychologist is aimed at helping out. And what is more important, you do not leave the university "unarmed", you already have certain skills in the reserve that help you in your work, in the acquired profession. At the Department of Differential and Special Psychology, as well as at the faculty, there are wonderful professors, many of them practicing who will teach psychologists, coach and always give a cue. In one word, professionals!”

Kovbasyuk Anna
Graduated from the Faculty of Psychology in 2013.


Work field: correctional psychology

"My name is Kovbasyuk Anna, in 2013 I received a diploma in psychology at ONU. I.I. Mechnikov, graduated the Department of Differential and Special Psychology. Then my professional life began. I started working immediately with children, at first as a psychologist in a kindergarten. And a year later I went into correctional psychology. And I still work in this field, mainly with children who have different characteristics in development. Also, I work with children in the context of early development. I like what I do. And today I am sure that I made the right choice by choosing the department of psychology. Teachers during the study not only give knowledge, skills, and support, but also with some I maintain relationships, even many years after graduation. "

Martynyuk Julia


PhD , senior lecturer of Department of General Psychology and Psychology of Personality Development at ONU named after I. I. Mechnikov, and practicing psychologist.

“I graduated from ONU named after I. I. Mechnikov in 2011. From five years of study at ONU I. I. Mechnikov, 3 years of my life and studying was associated with the Department of Differential and Special Psychology. Why this Department? Because I was interested in the peculiarities of work of the psychologist in the field of special psychology – one of areas which for many years was engaged of the professors of this Department. Due to high professionalism of teachers of the Department in the field of practical psychology and as the profession of a teacher, I have never regretted my choice. I would say even more, the Department gave me the opportunity to grow as a future psychologist: I've got a clear goal and direction in the profession of psychologist. It should be mentioned the great support, which was provided by professors of the Department to students. I will never forget the friendly atmosphere at the Chair of Differential and Special Psychology. There are the reasons which prompted me after graduation to work at the University at the Department of Differential and Special Psychology. Working at the University, I always ask myself: what kind of psychologist I want to be, what kind of a teacher? An answer for these questions was always in front of my eyes.
Thank you to the Department of Differential and Special Psychology, thank you to the professors!!!!!!!!!”

Sokirzhinskaya Olesya Olegovna
Graduated from the Faculty of Psychology in ONU in 2008.

Sphere of work: candidate of psychological sciences, teaching, trainer

It's no secret that the University has always been considered one of the most famous universities not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. The most valuable, in my opinion, what every student can get here is an opportunity to adopt the invaluable theoretical and practical experience of highly qualified teachers. Each new subject and each lecturer devotes to the world of the profession, shapes the goals and fuels the motivation to acquire knowledge, teaches to analyze a large amount of information, draw conclusions and make decisions. During the training each student goes his own way: from yesterday's schoolboy to a man who thinks and looks at the world from the point of view of scientific and psychological concepts and categories. It is important on this path to find your own field of application of the acquired knowledge!

Ksenia Chernykh
Graduated from the Faculty of Psychology in ONU in 2013.


Workplace: psychologist in the development center of a special child "Our Light".

"Study in ONU named after I. I. Mechnikov was for me full of discoveries, knowledge, some difficulties, but also the certainty that overcoming them will help me become a really competent specialist. Interesting subjects, the first practice, the first experience of teaching is what my studies were filled with. Teachers of the Department of Differential and Special Psychology, where I studied, correctly presented the theoretical part of psychology, interestingly telling about my experience of practical application of theoretical knowledge, which undoubtedly fascinated me. It was then that arose the idea of exactly how one can operate with this knowledge, and the desire to know more and more deeply has become an excellent motivation to continue learning. I wanted more practical skills and knowledge, and thanks to the theoretical and practical knowledge gained during my studies, I was able to start a professional activity in the research institute already on the 5th year.
Speaking about the profession, I can say with confidence that it is necessary to fall in love with it. Then the work will bring the greatest pleasure. Studying at the university, interesting subjects, useful knowledge and experience, received from the teachers and during the practice – allowed me to fall in love with my specialty. I believe that work, like marriage, should be for love, not of convenience:)"

Dmitry Shevchuk and Alexei Neryan
They graduated from Mechnikov ONU in 2016.


Sphere of work: show business

Odessa Mechnikov National University is not just the best educational institution in the south of Ukraine, it is the pearl of the country, which shines far beyond its borders. The ONU employs the best specialists and experts in their field, and undoubtedly the most talented young people study. For years of training it becomes clear that ONU is not just a collection of employees, teachers and students, it's a real family. In addition to an excellent level of education and an international diploma, the university provides an excellent opportunity for the younger generation to maximize themselves not only in the field of science. Sport, creativity, leisure - all this is an integral part of the life of students of ONU.
Separately, we should speak about the Institute of Mathematics of Economics and Mechanics. Studying here, you get not only a complete theoretical knowledge base, but also the necessary practical skills that are so necessary for employment. That is why the specialists who are issued by this institute are so in demand not only in Odessa and Ukraine, but also abroad.
Odessa Mechnikov National University gives not just a crust on higher education, this university is preparing for the harsh realities of modern life. Entering ONU, you are doing the right thing.

Yartzun Alexandra Alexandrovna

Graduated from the Faculty of Psychology in ONU in 2014.


Place of work: Children's center "Azbuka"

"Studying at the university gave a strong foundation for starting work as a practical psychologist in the kindergarten. Thanks to the production practice on the 4th course, I realized that I want to work with children. Knowledge of child psychology helps in work even now. Thanks to the teachers of the Department of Differential Psychology for sharing with us knowledge that can not be read in the book, for sharing experiences. I want to return to your lectures again. "


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