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Main research areas:

  • regional engineering geodynamics - spatiotemporal variability of the deformation features of the geological environment in the conditions of technogenesis; regularities in the formation and development of dangerous engineering and geological processes; 
  • study of spatiotemporal patterns of gidrogeodeformational condition of the geological environment of the North Black Sea coast.

Subjects taught and their annotations:

  • "Hydrogeology";
  • "Geocryology";
  • "Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology";
  • "Dynamics of underground waters";
  • "Engineering Geodynamics";
  • "Research, exploring and evaluation of operational reserves of underground waters";
  • "Technique of processing hydrogeological information."
"Hydrogeology". This course of lectures represents the theory of the doctrine of underground waters, and their practical use; different types of underground waters, conditions of their occurrence; physical, organoleptic, chemical and sanitary characteristics; filtering laws; methods and technical means utilized.
"Geocryology". This course of lectures describes characteristics of the development conditions of the frozen zone of the lithosphere (the permafrost zone) and frozen rocks composing her strata; the theoretical basis of individual and general development laws and spread of seasonal and permafrost strata of rocks and permafrost processes and phenomena while studying their geological, geographical and physical nature; physico-chemical basis of the frozen ground mechanics and forecast of their development; evaluation and methodology of studying permafrost conditions.
"Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology". In the "marine geology” course of lectures for students they give general concepts of engineering geology and hydrogeology; basis of the analysis and evaluation of geological and engineering-geological processes and phenomena as a result of geological environment interaction with natural factors and engineering structures; their forecast and development of artificial impact in the required direction. They also examine general theoretical principles of underground waters` doctrine; hydrophysical and filtering characteristics of rocks; the qualitative characteristics of underground waters and their main types; the basics of underground waters` dynamics and methods of obtaining and processing hydrogeological information.
"The dynamics of underground waters." The main purpose of this discipline is introduction to the theoretical basics of underground waters` filtering, methods and methodology of hydrogeological calculations and modeling; the basics of the vertical wells theory and methods of processing and interpretation of field research results and experimental filtration works.
"Engineering Geodynamics". In these lectures they describe characteristics and factor analysis of geological processes and phenomena conditions, both natural and appearing while constructing facilities and economic use of territories; methods of evaluation, calculation and space-time forecasting of possible impact of these processes and phenomena on the engineering-geological conditions of territories as well as selection of protective measures.
"Research, exploration and evaluation of operational reserves of underground waters." The purpose of this discipline is introduction to the theoretical basis and general principles of underground waters` research as minerals and study of underground waters` fields; main types, features, methods and techniques of modern hydrogeological studies; principles and methods of reserve evaluation underground waters` resources in different hydrogeological conditions.
"Methodology of hydrogeological information processing." This discipline`s purpose is to provide students with systematic understanding of the methodology and methods of processing materials from hydrogeological investigations of underground waters, interpreting and using results for solving various practical problems, including drinking water supply; teaching students how to systematize primary hydrogeological information, analyze it and provide final materials using modern methods, as per the main goal.

List of scientific publications:

  • Chuyko O. Engineering-geological conditions of the estuary Small Adjalyk territory. Gazette of the National University of Odessa. – tome 6, edition 9. Serie geography and geology of sciences. -2001.- p.151-155.
  • Chuyko O. Engineering-geodynamic study of abrasion-landslide slopes typification of Small Adjalyk. Gazette of the National University of Odessa. - tome 8, edition 5. -. 2003 - p.188-191.
  • Cerkez E., Chuyko O., Orlov V. Kinematic features of geodeformation processes on the territory of Yuzhny port. Gazette of the National University of Odessa. - tome11, edition 3. Serie geography and geology of sciences. -2006.- p.240-250.
  • Chuyko O. Features of formation geodeformation processes within the territory of Yuzhny port. Proc. rep. scientific-practical conference "Geology of the northwestern Black Sea. Research and Development Prospects", Odessa, 26-27 June 2008, O., 2008 - p.115 - 119. 
  • Chuyko O. The risk of landslides slopes activation of estuary Valley M. Adjalyk while constructing and operating of hydraulic structures. Spatial analysis of natural and technigenic risks in Ukraine: Collection of scientific works.- Kiev, 2009.- p.216-219.
  • Chuyko O. Engineering-geodynamic conditions of the valley slopes Small Adjalyk estuary. Scientific publication. Materials of international scientific-practical conference "Problems of forecasting and prevention of emergency situations of natural, technogenic and natural and technogenic origin". 5 - 9 October 2009, Crimea, Yalta. - p.108-109.
  • Chuyko O. Modern engineering geodynamics of landslide slopes of the valley on the right bank of the estuary M. Adjalyk. Gazette of the National University of Odessa. - tome15, edition 5. Serie geography and geology of sciences. -2010.- p.105-112.
  • Shtengelov E., Chuyko O. The link between underground waters` regime and intensity of buildings` deformation in the city of Odessa. Gazette of the National University of Odessa. - tome15, edition 5. Serie geography and geology of sciences. -2010.- p.97-104.
  • Chuyko O. General regularities of the formation and development of modern deformation processes on the slopes of Odessa coast and estuary Small Adjalyk. Gazette of the National University of Odessa. - tome17, edition 2 (15), 2012, p. 141-148.
  • Cerkez E., Shmuratko V., Kozlova T., Chuyko O. Engineering-geodynamic typing of  landslide territory plot on the right bank of the estuary M. Adjalyk // Gazette of the National University of Odessa. Serie geography and geology of sciences. -2014.- tome19, edition 3 (22), 2012, p. 244-258. ISSN 2303-9914.

Articles in foreign (including scientometric (peer-reviewed)) editions:

  • Freiberg Е. The Impact of Structural-tectonic and Lithogenous Peculiarities of the Rock Mass on the Formation and Development of Geo-deformation Processes. / Freiberg Е., Bellendir Е., Golitsyn V., Ablyamitov N., Cherkez Е., Tchujko Е., Bich G.// Harmonising Rock Engineering and the Environment –12th ISRM International сongress on roch mechanics. Beijing, China, 18-21 Oktober 2011. – CRC PRESS / BALKEMA – P. 2047-2051.


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