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Geology is a perspective and important specialization for development of Ukraine.
We provide training in the following specializations:

“Marine Geology”

Marine Geology is a geological branch that concerns the history, structure, processes, and mineral deposits of the World Ocean. It includes studies of rock and sediment composition (mineralogy, petrography, lithology, and geochemistry), geological history (stratigraphy, paleontology, and historical geology), dynamics of processes (tectonics, structural geology, and geophysics), and methods of mineral deposit prospecting and exploitation.

“Ecological-Geological Survey and Monitoring” 

Ecological-Geological Survey and Monitoring consists of a series of disciplines that include studies of geological and anthropogenic processes in the Earth`s crust and on its surface, in the World Ocean, and along its coastal zones. Also considered are such aspects as methods of ecological survey, monitoring of geological, geochemical, and geodynamic processes, and analysis and forecast of their influence on ecosystems and humankind in the past, present, and future,.
Your future professions:
Geologist in geological (prospecting and exploration operations), mining, planning, and surveying organizations and enterprises;
Employee working within state and regional environmental control;
Manager of ecological-geological services for state and private enterprises and establishments;
Research fellow of scientific organizations and advanced educational institutions;
Teacher of geological disciplines and ecology in advanced educational institutions and colleges;
The staff of the Department comprises 2 Professors (Doctors of Sciences) and 6 Associate Professors (PhD=Candidate of Sciences).
Department facilities include the Marine Geology Laboratory, lithological, petrography, and  computer classrooms. 
The Department possesses some of the best natural science museums in Ukraine:
The Geological-Mineralogical Museum – the collection contains minerals, crystals, rocks, and semiprecious stones;
The Paleontological Museum – the collection contains fossilized fauna and flora; 
The Scientific Paleontological Reserve “Odessa Сatacombs,” which is part of the Paleontological Museum.

Field Courses:

after the 1st year of education – Reconnaissance-Geological Field Course in Ukraine;
after the 2nd year of education – Field Course in Crimea;
after the 3rd and 4th years of education – Curricular Practical Training in Geological Establishments and Operations of Ukraine.


Bachelor (4 years);
Specialist, Master (5 years).
Enrollment Statuses: full-time course of study: governmental order, contract with physical or juridical persons, second highest education.
The Department offers postgraduate education: PhD and Full Doctorate.
Student’s acceptance: detailed information can be found on the web site  
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