Chair of economic cybernetics and applied economy

Updated 17.04.2015

Head of Department - Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Alexander V. Tyurin


Teaching staff

• Professor, Doctor of Economics Mikhail Yakovlevich Postan;
• Associate Professor, PhD Iwashko Larisa M.;
• Associate Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Oleg G. Rudyk;
• Associate Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Vladimir Nikolaevich Lyubota;
• Associate Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Boytsova Irina Arkadievna;
• Associate Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Korenkova Anna V.;
• Senior Lecturer - Zaletska Inna A.;
• Senior Lecturer - Maksimov Alexander S.;
• Specialist department - Julia A. Maximova
In 2004, the university received a license to conduct educational activities in the direction of 6.030502 "Economic Cybernetics" - modern economic and mathematical directions.
Accordingly, in 2007 the Department of "Economic Cybernetics and Applied Economics", in 2014 the department was reorganized with the Department "Computer and Information Technology", after the association was established department "Economic Cybernetics information technology " which besides support provides an educational process in different economic and mathematical directions (Organizational Management, finance and credit, international economic relations, as well as computer systems and networks, Applied Mathematics) by discipline:
• Introduction to specialty - cybernetics;
• Econometrics;
• Simulation;
• Information systems and technology in the economy;
• Information and computer technology;
• Logic and graph theory;
• Mathematical programming;
• Probability theory and mathematical statistics;
• Mathematical Foundations of cybernetics;
• high-level programming languages;
• Modeling of the economy;
• Statistics;
• Principles of organization and development of technological systems;
• Theory of algorithms and programs;
• The theory of random processes;
• Decision Support Systems;
• Operations research;
• Economic Cybernetics;
• Modern computer technology;
• Methods of protection;
• System database design economic information;
• Systems of economic information;
• Computer network;
• Fundamentals of Systems Analysis;
• Information systems industries;
• Economic diagnosis;
• Mathematical modeling basics;
• Discrete analysis;
• Prediction of socio-economic processes;
• Program covers and packages;
• Methods of protection;
• Project Management;
• Intelligent information technology in the economy;
• Discrete Mathematics;
• Design and implementation of expert systems;
• Information systems and technology in the banking sector;
• Management Information Systems;
• Information systems and technology in accounting;
• Information systems and technology management;
• Methods of protecting financial information;
• Mathematical modeling operations;
• Logical programming;
• Computer training on investment planning;
• The administrative continuum;
• Theory of Systems and Control
• System analysis objects and processes;
• Optimization methods;
• Management information systems analysis and audit;
• Methods and models of decision-making analysis and audit;
• Situational modeling of bank activity.
The Department works in introducing modern information technology and mathematical methods in various sectors of the economy. Scientific direction of the department is to develop decision support systems in financial and credit areas. The department has a significant development in simulation modeling of various economic objects and intelligent information technology in the economy. In this regard issued a number of fundamental works:
• Modern Information Technology in the economy. Textbook
• Diagnosis economic situations in the enterprise. Monograph
• Modeling of Economic Analysis businesses. Monograph
• Expert systems in economic research. Monograph
In the last days of chair deals with the use of special languages of simulation modeling in studies of economic objects. By the method of system dynamics constructed and introduced models of real industrial systems.
The department is a member of cybernetics Ukraine. Development Department members were shown at stands of annual meetings of the association. The department has postgraduate studies in 2007 conducted relicensing scientific specialty "Mathematical methods, models and information technology in the economy" (08.00.11).
Also, the department is preparing masters in specialty 8.03050201 "Economic Cybernetics" by teaching program conducted in the following disciplines:
• Research Methodology
• Higher Education Pedagogy Higher School
• Current issues of economic theory
• Applied Econometrics
• The modeling of macroeconomic processes
• Modeling microeconomic processes
• Actuarial Mathematics
• Economic dynamics
• E-commerce
• Business Philosophy
• Strategic management
• Insurance in International Business
• Analysis of the stock market and investment projects
• Special packages modeling complex economic systems
• Software platform business process modeling
For the purposes of the educational process at the department teaching equipped with modern multimedia facilities for lectures and computer labs with modern computers for laboratory and practical classes.
In 2015, the department opened a new research topic "Modeling the development of effective management information systems of economic objects"


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