Chair of the Civil Law Disciplines


Head:Doctor of Jurisprudence, 

 Professor Kanzafarova Ilona Stanislavovna



General information

The Department of the Civil Law Disciplines was created according to the decision of the Academic Council of I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University, by the order of Rector № 18-02 of 05.17.1999 for preparation of the specialists in jurisprudence at the Faculty of Economics and Law.

Preparation of the specialists in jurisprudence is realized within such levels of the educational proficiency: “Bachelor”, “Specialist”, “Master”.

The Department has the post-graduate studentship for obtaining the highest professional skill in the following scientific specialization:

- Civil Law and Civil Procedure Law;
- Family Law;
- International Private Law;
- Labour Law;
- Social Security Law
- Land Law;
- Agrarian Law;
- Ecological Law;
- Law of Natural Resources.

Staff of the Department of the Civil Law Disciplines

Професорсько-викладацький склад кафедри цивільно-правових дисциплін

1 Doctor of Jurisprudence, Professor:
Kanzafarova Ilona Stanislavovna (Honored Lawyer of Ukraine)

6 Candidates of Jurisprudence, Assistant Professors:

  • Truba Vyacheslav Ivanovich
  • Zilkovska Lyudmila Michailovna
  • Kleymenova Svetlana Nikolaevna
  • Masin Victor Nikolaevich
  • Potopahina Olga Nikolaevna
  • ValakhVictoria Vladimirovna

1 candidate of Biological Sciences:

  • Sytnikov Denis Michailovich

10 Senior Lecturers:

  • Komarenko Anatoliy Nikolaevich
  • Nikiforchuk Lidia Pavlovna (Honored Lawyer of Ukraine)
  • Korneeva Evgeniya Michailovna
  • Zavertneva-Yaroshenko Valeria Adolfovna
  • Golodenko Irina Alexandrovna
  • Stepanov Ivan Sergeevich
  • Dulina Natalia Sergeevna
  • Fedorko Marina Sergeevna
  • Tolkachenko Olena Vladimirovna
  • Gora Marianna Anatolievna

6 Lecturers:

  • Vlasov Alexander Nikolaevich
  • Sosnina Anna Valerievna
  • Otchenash Maya Michailovna
  • Pilipenko Yulia Alekseevna
  • Klyueva Katerina Michailovna
  • Medvedeva Olena Vladimirovna

2 Assistants:

  • Proskura Yulia Viktorovna
  • Mitina Natalia Konstantinovna

The Department provides the following courses:

  • Civil law (General and Special Parts)
  • Family Law
  • Law of Civil Procedure
  • Foreign Civil and Commercial Law
  • Contract Law
  • Basis of Roman Private Law
  • Legal Regulation of Ownership Relations
  • Law of  Intellectual Property
  • Legal Regulation of Securities
  • Transportation Law
  • Executory Procedure
  • Housing Law
  • Labour Law
  • Social Security Law
  • Land Law
  • Agrarian Law
  • Ecological Law
  • Prosedure Of Labour Disputes Settlement
  • Basis of Protection of Labour
  • Basis of Labour Protection of Labour in the Branch
  • Methodology of Law Sciences
  • Problems of Civil Law
  • The Interaction of the Society and Nature

The Department also provides a number of judicial disciplines for the students of “Management of IEA” and “Accounting and Audit” specialties of the Faculty of Economics and Law, the academic discipline “Social Security Law” – for the students of the “Institute of Innovative and Postgraduate Education of the University”, and the Law of Intellectual Property - to the students of all faculties of the University.

Scientific activity of the Department

Scientific work of the Department is being held under the topic “Private-Legal Regulation of Social Relations: Tradition, Modernity and Prospects.” (scientific adviser – Doctor of Jurisprudence, Professor Kanzafarova I.S.)


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