Speciality "The Economic Theory"

The University entrants (for bachelors)


  • highly skilled professorial-and- teaching staff most of whom passed studies and internship in the world leading universities;
  • modern educational technologies (planning, cases, training, module technologies, research methods);
  • lectures in foreign languages held by professors from the leading universities of Europe and the United States;
  • practice at different enterprises, financial-and-credit organizations, State institutions with the possibility of subsequent employment;
  • internship, summer schools, conferences at the leading domestic and foreign universities in the frames of the student exchange programs;
  • an opportunity to continue training in postgraduate study;
  • 100% of nonresident dormitory.


  • modern theoretical and practical aspects of economic science and opinion;
  • to understand and anticipate socio-economic developments in the sphere of national and global economy;
  • to detect and analyse contemporary changes in the structure of the national economy;
  • to organize your own business activity;
  • to identify patterns of socio-economic processes at macro and the macro level;
  • to analyze the directions and stages of development of economic thought in interrelation with modern conditions;
  • we form eccentric economic thought and develop capacities for analytical activity.


  • micro- and macroeconomics;
  • economic history and history of economic studies;
  • management and marketing;
  • economy of enterprise;
  • finances and finances of enterprise;
  • record-keeping and audit;
  • money and credit;
  • banking;
  • investing;
  • statistics;
  • planning business;
  • international economy and international business;
  • foreign economic activity;
  • economic policy;
  • economical-and- mathematical design;
  • economic and financial analysis;
  • conjuncture analysis of markets;
  • economy and organization of innovative activity;
  • entrepreneurial activity;
  • consulting, etc.


  • participate in scientific seminars, conferences, different contests and competitions;
  • study at business – schools;
  • take part in the projects of student economic laboratory;
  • organize and held different students entertaining events («Day of economist», «Day of IMEM», «Battle of faculties», photo-exhibition, brain-rings);
  • initiate social actions;
  • take part in the master's degree programs of leading Ukrainian and European institutes of higher education.


  • they obtain a system view of structure and progress of national and world economy trends;
  • they realise the varieties of economic processes and understand their intercommunication;
  • they have their own theoretical bases, skills of analysis of the economy development conformities, transformation processes including;
  • they can develop, substantiate and put into life their own economic and administrative decisions;
  • they are able to define the problems of economic character in the activities of different enterprises and organizations, and to develop the anticrises policy;
  • they are able to systematize and summerize information, prepare economic reviews;
  • they use the basic and special methods of economic analysis of information;
  • they develop and ground the possible variants of effective economic decisions.


  • economical and financial activities at the enterprises of different patterns of ownership;
  • bank and insurance business;
  • economic and financial analysts, consulting;
  • financial control and taxes;
  • analysis of markets;
  • business - planning and business-projecting;
  • investment and innovative activity;
  • foreign economic activity;
  • organization of own business;
  • electronic commerce;
  • scientific-and-research and pedagogical activities in the sphere of economy.


  • leader of an enterprise or department;
  • a consultant in the matters of development of economic policy of enterprise and state;
  • an economist- analyst, financial analyst;
  • chief of the economical-and-planning department of a public institution;
  • financial director;
  • economist- adviser;
  • a consultant in the matters of the enterprise activities efficiency rationality of production;
  • business- consultant (risks, finances, investments, business planning);
  • economic commentator;
  • specialist in the matters of the anticrises management and financial-and-economic security;
  • the top manager assistant in the economical matters;
  • researcher, research worker;
  • teacher of economic disciplines


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