Specialty «Management»

Education and qualification level of the graduate: Bachelor (073 “Management”), Master (073 “Management organization and administration”).

There is full-time and correspondence study.

After graduation students who successfully complete the specialty and have a tendency to research activities will study as PhD students.

The scope of activity of graduates:

  • IT-technology. Marketing. Logistic and transport. Banking and financial management. Investment management. Hotel - Restaurant business and tourism. Crewing. Media and Advertising business. HR management. Environmental inspections.
  • Public, private, national and international organizations and corporations, private business


Graduates of specialty of «Management» possess knowledge and skills to:

  • the Basics of Management
  • Control Theory
  • System Synthesis in Management
  • Public Administration
  • Corporate Governance
  • Crisis Management
  • Macro- and Microeconomy
  • Enterprise Economy
  • Theory of Economic Analysis
  • Operations Management
  • Analysis and Accounting
  • Pricing
  • Investment Management
  • Investment and the Development of Investment Strategies
  • the Basics of Scientific-Technological and Innovative Policy of Companies
  • Financial Management
  • Controlling
  • Innovation Management
  • Information Systems and Technologies in Management
  • It-Project Management
  • Enterprise Information Systems
  • Workstation Management
  • Modern Information Technologies
  • Information Technology in Business
  • Theoretical Foundations of Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Strategic Management
  • Competition Policy of Enterprises
  • Management Competitiveness of Enterprises
  • Strategic Planning and Management
  • Marketing Research
  • Logistics
  • Advertising and Promotional Activities
  • Psychology and Personnel Management
  • Bank Management
  • Insurance
  • Management in the Transport Sector
  • Management in the Non-Manufacturing Sector
  • Environmental Economics
  • Environmental Management
  • Management and Marketing of Tourism and Hospitality
  • International Tourism Policy
  • Economy of Tourist Markets
  • Travel Agency Management
  • Management of Foreign Economic Activity
  • Harmonic Management
  • Project Management
  • Time Management

7 key reasons for admission on specialty «Management»

  1. The educational process provides in-depth study of basic and specialized courses on the specialty "Management of Organizations and Administration" which allows the graduate quickly understand the problem occurred at all levels of company management as well as timely to take high quality solution to overcome it.
  2. The whole learning process is structured to more fully reveal the leadership qualities of students, to develop their analytical skills and strategic thinking.
  3. Training courses aimed at training professionals who are able to solve the most complex interdisciplinary problems.
  4. Practical skills acquired while participating in internships at enterprises of different industries and types of ownership; educational practice in laboratories "Business - Projects", master - classes and trainings, as well as participating in the real business - projects.
  5. Students study disciplines of the future: System Synthesis in Management – NEW! Harmonic Management – NEW!
  6. Trained on a unique methodology developed by the teaching staff of the department and used in the practical course "Workshop on Management." This course aims to develop managerial leadership qualities as well as personal effectiveness in management.Students get along with elementary skills such as resume writing, effective interviewing, career planning, etc., extremely important and necessary knowledge of manager in the sphere of conflict management, stress management, psychological impact of managerial communication, influence and the use of power in the team, the secrets of the business training and much more.
  7. By the end of studies, graduates have a ready portfolio for successful interviewing and employment. Employment opportunities for graduates of the specialty "Management of Organizations and Administration" are very wide: graduates successfully work at senior positions in public and private institutions / organizations, many of them open their own business.

And one more important reason - interesting and rich student life!


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