Scientific conference

" Modern technologies of operation of business and an opportunity of use of information systems: a condition, problems, prospects "


On the conference consider the questions connected with the modern theory of management, model and methods of decision-making, the organization and efficiency of economic work at the enterprise.

Problems of formation information base for the organization of the accounting, financial account, the taxation and the reporting of the enterprises. Opportunities of carrying out of the analysis of a financial condition, industrial and commercial activity of the enterprise.

Studying of experience of construction of modern information control systems by the enterprise, opportunities of use of information technologies in maintenance of problems of management, the account and the analysis of activity of the enterprise.


Conference program 2013

Dear colleagues!

Odessa I.I.Mechnikov National University,
Economics & Law Faculty,
Centre "Innovation Office" Odessa I.I.Mechnikov National University
Department of Economics and Management
Department of accounting, analysis and audit

Invites you to take part in the VIII International Scientific & Practical Conference for lecturers, post-graduate students and young scientists: “Modern Technologies of the Enterprise Management and the Opportunity of Information Systems Usage: the Condition, Problems, Prospects”.

Round tables, organized in the framework of the Conference:

  • Opportunities of usage of the standard informational systems (IS) during the educational process organization.
  • Certification of the students as a way of increasing of the Higher School competitiveness.
  • Experience of introduction and prospect of usage of  the IS at the Ukrainian enterprises.

The Conference will take place during 29 – 30th of March, 2013. Address: Frantsuzskiy blrd., 24/26, Odessa, 65058, Ukraine.

Organizing Committee of the Conference:

Chairman of the organizing committee: Koval I. M., rector of Odessa national university
Vice - Chairman: Kuznyetsov E.A., prof., I.I.Mechnikov University;
Members of the organizing committee:
Ivanitsa V.A., prof., Vice-rector;
Jankovoj O.G., prof., the Odessa State Economic University
Mazur O.M., prof., the Odessa National Polytechnical University
Kusik N.L., prof., I.I.Mechnikov University;
Sahatskij N.P., prof., the Odessa State Academy of Construction and Architecture
Turetskij O.A., prof., I.I.Mechnikov University;
Zaharchenko V.I., prof., I.I.Mechnikov University;
Nyenno I.M., prof., I.I.Mechnikov University.
Vasilev S.G., senior lecturer, I.I.Mechnikov University;

Participation Conditions:

Deadline for the applications acceptance - March, 8th, 2013.

Structure of the application:

  1. The Name and the address of an educational institution (faculty);
  2. First name, middle initial, last name the supervisor of studies, a post \ scientific a degree \rank;
  3. First name, middle initial, last name authors of reports;
  4. Title of the report;
  5. Title of the section;
  6. Contacts: the full post address;
  7. Tel., fax;
  8. Е-Mail;
  9. The Form of the participation: I shall be personally, I shall participate distantly, I shall send the report, I shall take part as a listener.

Participation of lecturers, post-graduate students, students and young scientists of Ukraine and other countries at the work of the Conference is highly appreciated and welcome.
The subjects of the Conference are devoted to the review and discussion of scientific and practical innovations. Performance of the invited experts is expected.
Reports and the performances sent to the Conference will be placed on the web-site Odessa National University ( ).
Reports are estimated by the organizing committee from the point of view of a level of their scientifically-practical novelty. The best reports will be recommended to the publication in the collection of scientific works of economic-legal faculty “Market Economics: Problems of the Theory and Practice of Management” which is included into the list of specialized editions on economy and law by the Highest Accreditation Commission of Ukraine.


REQUIREMENTS FOR the materials sent:

Conditions of the publication and the requirement to the abstracts will be sent after the application confirmation.
The sent materials should consecrate new scientific and practical results which were not published in proceedings-practical or collections of similar conferences. Materials have to be sent in format А4, MS Word.
Working languages of the Conference: English, Russian, and Ukrainian.
Deadline for the abstracts of the reports -16th of March 2013.
Please, send the applications and materials to the electronic address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contacts for information & consultation: +380487466756,+380976547377, +380505856574.
The secretary: Solodukha Oleg.V.

Conference participation is free-of-charge.

Participants of the conference have to pay for travel, living and meals independently.

If you need the assistance in the hotel booking, please inform us till March, the 18th, 2013.

(Transport from the railway station: a tram №5, fixed-route taxis №195, 115, 127, 175, 242)

Registration of participants of the conference - from 10:00 till 11:00 on March, 29th, 2013

Crucial for the conference
Vasiliev Sergey G.

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