Our Graduates


(field of knowledge “Economics and Entrepreneurship”) 


(field of knowledge “Management and Administration”) 


The Department of Accounting and Taxation is proud of its graduates, seeks to maintain contacts with them, actively cooperates and always offers its assistance.

Every enterprise in any sphere of business needs for the services of a qualified accountant, professional auditor, tax consultant, and analyst specialists. In such conditions, graduates of the specialty always find a highly paid prestigious job.

At one time they made the right choice, which became decisive in their fate, and today they are: economic professionals; public service professionals (financial, fiscal, treasury, auditing); professionals and employees in the field of finance, business, accounting, auditing and taxation; heads of financial and economic divisions and small enterprises; business owners.

Also graduates of the specialty, after graduating from graduate school, remain to work at the Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University at the Department, these are young specialists - teachers:

  • Senior Lecturer of the Department Buslayeva Anna, year of graduation from the University is 2004; 
  • Senior Lecturer of the Department Bagdikyan Susanna, year of graduation from the University is 2008;   
  • Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department Huz (Shtembulyak) Daria, year of graduation from the University is 2008;
  • Candidate of Economic Sciences, teacher Ilchenko (Veretennikova) Diana, year of graduation from the University is 2008.


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