History of the Department

The Department of "Civil protection" was established by the Ministry of higher educational institutions of the USSR (order № 363 dated October 16, 1978). The Department consisted of two cycles: civil defense and medical training. The heads of the Department in different years were G.A. Tsyupo-Gran; Assistant Professor V.A. Kalitsev, Ph.D.; Associate Professor  I.M. Avratinsky Ph.D.; Associate Professor  I.V. Ivanova Ph.D.

The cycle of civil defense a long time was provided by talented teachers who had military experience: general V.K. Boychuk, colonels Kerpel V.Y., Kalnysh V.Z., Samknulov V.I., Kozykin A.G., Kirpach L.M.; Ph.D., Associate Professors Neizvestniy N.A., Bagaeva O.S. and others.

Medical training of students for actions at natural disasters and mass defeats of people was carried out by Candidates of Medical Science., associate professor Katuntsevskaya G. P., Kirilyuk Zh.P., Yampolsky M. P., colonel of a health service Grechany K.V., etc. Unfortunately, some of listed are dead, but we remember them and we honor their memory.

Detailed information on activity of department till 1986 wasn't saved. To this day the staff of department expresses big gratitude to the Academic Council of ONU which has supported the choice of collective for Candidates of Medical Science., associate professor Iosif  Mironovich Avratinsky who is the head of the department, despite pressure from power structures concerning other applicant. Especially it is necessary to emphasize that activity of department has gained considerable activity under the leadership of I.M. Avratinsky who has filled up structure of department with qualified personnel and have created strong, on-stage performance group. During this period students of our university received the certificate of "The nurse of civil defense" of the established state sample. Graduates of different years address us for obtaining data on courses which they had taken, about the certificate which confirms their medical profession. Such teaching adds a priority to our graduates for employment abroad.

Since 1990 the department has been reformed in "Basic of medical sciences" in connection with teaching additional medical disciplines. Activity of department from the first days of foundation until  now present has been connected with the vital questions of health, first aid, behavior during emergency situations of natural, technogenic, socio-political and military character.

For all the years of work of I. M. Avratinsky, the department conducted active promotion of donorship among students and teachers of university. Held seminars - trainings on first aid with teachers of all faculties. In scientific work we cooperated with the Odessa scientific research institute of virology.

Since 1997 in connection with the spectrum of teaching standard and medical disciplines the department is reorganized in "Department of medical sciences and safety of human life and activity" which was headed by Candidate of Medical Science, associated professor Ivanova Irina Vadimovna. During the years of her management (1997-2010) at department five standard disciplines (Safety of life and activity, Bases of labor protection, Labor protection into branch, Civil defense, Basic of medical Knowledge), 15 medical disciplines and special courses have been entered.

The Department developed, approved and implemented for specialties "Pharmaceutical chemistry", "Microbiology and Virology", "Biology", "Medical physics" such medical disciplines as: "Pathology", "First aid in threatening conditions", "Functional and laboratory diagnostics of pathological human states", "Judicial medicine", " General nursing ", "Principles of pharmaceutical hygiene", "General hygiene", "Family Health" and "Infectious and tropical diseases", "Non-traditional methods of rehabilitation and treatment", "Medical Commodity ", "First aid for injuries and accidents", "Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and family health", "Children's diseases", "Clinical pharmacology", "Emergency Medicine" and others.

In 1999 the staff of department led by I.V. Ivanova worked as a part of the working group of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine on development of State standard of the higher education on discipline "Safety of human life and activity" (The order of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine No. 25 from 02.01.1999). I.V. Ivanova carried out series of programs on first aid and General care for the population on the city channel “Compass”, published (personal and in a co-authorship) more than 90 scientific works.

For the purpose of training of students and prestige of the discipline in May 2002 for the first time in Ukraine (on the initiative of I. V. Ivanova) was organized and held all-Ukrainian student Olympiad in "Safety of human life and activity". The second phase of which was held at the Department of medical knowledge and life safety Odessa National Mechnickov University for three years. Based in Odessa, the Ukrainian student Olympiad adopted our discipline to be relevant, interesting and necessary for students of higher educational institutions.

Except educational and pedagogical activity at department scientific work was constantly carried out. Research work of teachers of department is directed to questions of human activity, influence of factors of environment on a human body, safety of behavior, the prevention of aggression and violence, etc. The special attention is focused on questions of safe activity and a healthy lifestyle.

Subject of detailed and careful scientific studying at department in different years were:

  1. An assessment of efficiency of complex protection against influenza  of the population of Odessa by detection of features of epidemic process for the purpose of improvement of  anti-epidemic actions system (1985-1989)
  2. Studying of endoecology of various social groups and detection of effective ways of their rehabilitation (1995-1997);
  3. Methodological and practical approaches to preventive rehabilitation of students on their level of health and medico-social knowledge (to 2002-2006, No. 214);
  4. Methodological and practical approaches on identification and prevention of violence in the student's environment (2007-2010, No. 163);
  5. Developing approaches the theoretical and practical training of university students to safe living (to 2011-2015, No. 213) and others.

On November 5, the Department of Medical Knowledge and Life Safety was renamed the Department of Human Health and Civil Safety.


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