Training courses

General courses:

  • Human Anatomy
  • Human and animal physiology
  • Anatomy and physiology (physics)
  • Biology and physiology with the basics of anatomy (chemists)
  • Humoral regulation of biological processes
  • Chronobiology
  • Developmental physiology
  • Pathological physiology
  • Physiological pharmacology
  • Correctional and developmental training technologies
  • Basics of cognitive pedagogy

Special courses:

  • Basics of Neurophysiology
  • Metabolism and energy
  • Physiology of the central nervous system and sensory systems
  • Physiology and pathophysiology of visceral systems
  • Selected chapters of pathophysiology
  • Physiological basis of human cognitive functions

Other courses and practice:

  • Great special Practice «Evaluation of physiological metabolic parameters»
  • Research Masters practice
  • Teaching practice with specialization
  • Assistant practice
  • Pedagogical practice in higher education



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