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Updated 17.09.2015

Educational and research center of high-tech scientific and research equipment and devices of Odessa National I.I. Mechnikov University

Director of educational and research center of high-tech scientific and research equipment and devices (ERCED ONU) - Rakitskaia Svetlana
The team of ERCED ONU consists of specialists with high level of training and appropriate experience. People are creative, communicable, able to realize and solve daring ideas with any complexity, scientists of different fields.


ERCED ONU was established within the Odessa National II Mechnikov University ONU according to the order of the rector of the 09.12.2005 № 38-03, for the most rational use of the unique and valuable scientific devices and equipment, national or imported, which is not possible or not advisable to buy by each scientific unit.
ERCED ONU is a structural unit as scientific and research part of Odessa National II Mechnikov University ONU.
The areas of activity.
The subject of ERCED ONU is the effective use of material and technical base in scientific and technical activity where can be different forms of collective use of unique equipment, computers and other equipment on the basis of inter-university, inter-agency cooperation and specialization, which focuses on the development and creation in limited terms of new high effective technologies, new equipment and competitive products in order to implement them in the marketplace.
ERCED ONU provides coordination of maintenance works of equipment in all scientific and research units of the University.

The structure of the ERCED ONU includes:

  • Metrological Service of the University.
  • Central storehouse of precious metals.
  • Central storehouse of precursors
  • Laboratory of Electron Microscopy.
  • Laboratory of gas chromatography.
  • Centrifugation cabinet.

Metrological Service.

Metrological Service of ONU organizes, conducts and coordinates the activity, directed at providing quality and unity of measurements, according with the legislative acts of Ukraine, regulations on metrology and actual regulations.
The main tasks of the metrological service:
  • - Ensuring the unity and the required accuracy of measurements, increase of the level and improve of the measurement techniques;
  • - Making arrangements and improvement of metrological maintenance of  ONU activity;
  • - Development and implementing of modern methods and measuring instruments of modern scientific and testing equipment;
  • - Participation in the implementation of regulations in the state system of measurement;
  • - Development and presentation for ONU direction the measures to improve the conditions of measurements, operations of  ME, test and research equipment.
  • Central storehouse of precious metals.
  • According to the Law of Ukraine 18.11.1997 by the number 637/97-13R in ONU II Mechnikov was created "Storehouse of precious metals" and subordinate to ERCED ONU.
  • ERCED ONU coordinates the work with precious metals at the University, namely:
  • - Makes clear records of income, spending, remains of precious metals and their wastes;
  • - Conducts on time the inventory of these values (2 times a year);
  • - Provides a complete collection and pre-processing of all types of debris and wastes of precious metals and their timely delivery to State Fund;
  • - Assists for financially responsible people in the units in the documents for manufacturing products from precious metals, writing-off of irreversible costs, and delivery of waste and debris. For creation of new components devices (electrophoresis cameras).

Central storehouse of precursors.

According to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 770 from 06.05.2000 "On approval of the list of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors" was got the license №200 from 25.07.2013 and performed all the conditions for its receiving.
Precursors are used for scientific research on the state budget topics, in the educational process at the departments for conducting of laboratory lessons and in the performance of diploma works and research for the degree.

Equipment of ERCED ONU

  • Electronic translucent microscope PEM-100-01 - used for biomedical research, research in science and technology, and to train professionals of higher and secondary schools.
  • Vacuum universal post VUP-5M - used for obtain thin films from different materials by magnetron sputtering method, and to prepare the objects studied by electron microscopy or other analytical instruments. The device can be used for research in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and other fields of science and technology.
  • Chromatograph Selmihrom-1 – for identification and measurement of composition of components of gaseous mixtures according to the methodic in the chemical, petrochemical, gas, coke, pharmaceutical industry, medicine and environmental control.
  • Mass spectrometer - a method of determination of the chemical, phase composition and molecular structure of the substance, based on the registration of mass spectra of ions, formed as a result of ionization of atoms and (or) moleculars of probe. The mass of an ion determined by its deflection in a magnetic field.
  • Atomic absorption spectrophotometer C-115 PK - used for measurement of the mass concentration of chemical elements in liquid samples of different origin and composition. Conduction of quantitative elemental atomic absorption and atomic emission analysis in determination of the composition of metals in liquid samples.
  • Ultracenrtifuge VAC 602 (80000g) - ultracentrifuge designed for the analysis of DNA, RNA, proteins and ribonucleoprotein complexes, high speed deposition, density gradient separation and preparative selection of biological macromolecules.
Contact Information 
Address: Ukraine, 65058, Odesa, st. Dovzhenko 7a,  ERCED ONU 
Tel / fax: +38 (048) 748-14-20, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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