On January, 14th, 2016 during the visit of the Turkish YALOVA University representatives, Tirul AKTASH and Ozgur Gohan TYURDZY, to the ONU Rector, Prof. I. M. KOVAL, the Turkish side proposals to collaborate through international scientific events are to be held in 2016 were discussed. The discussion is still being continued.
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26 January 2016 starts new CALL FOR APPLICATIONS for participation of ONU’s academics and staff  in the Erasmus + international  mobility program.

This time, grants are available for the universities:
• University of Deusto,  Spain
• University of Foggia, Italy
Deadline for applications : 11.00 Kiev time, March 1st , 2016
All the details on the website: http://erasmus.onu.edu.ua/uk/
Follow the news on the website, information about new grants Erasmus +  is constantly updated.


The Second International scientific and practical conference “Social, psychological and political problems of the transborders security” was held on the February, 5, 2016 in ONU I. I. Mechnikov.The Conference was organized and held by two departments of Institute of Social Sciences and Institute of Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics, together with the Institute of Social and Political Psychology of National Academy of Pedagogic Sciences and South Ukrainian branch of Sociologic Association of Ukraine. 
Specialists from Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, and Moldova together with the representatives of Diplomatic Missions in Odessa participated in the event. Among diplomats were: the General Consul of Greek Republic in Odessa, Mr. Antonios KHASIROGLU, Consul of Bulgarian General Consulate, Mr. Kralio DIMOV, Consul of the General  Consulate of Romania in Odessa, Mrs. Denisa GABOR, and the First Secretary and Consul, Mr. Mikhail KONSTANTINESCU, the Vice-Consul of the Turkish Republic General Consulate in Odessa, Mr. Mutlu GURELI, the OSCE representative in Odessa, Mr. Aram ARUTYUNYAN, Attaché of General Consulate of Poland in Odessa, Mr. Sebastian ZAGDANSKIY, The General Consulate in Odessa representative, Mr. Mykola KANTARZHI.
Thus, it was demonstrated our University openness to collaboration with the neighbor countries in the frames of the research project, which is supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
The name of the project is “The Context type of Education in the HEI in the neighbouring countries as a condition for personal, regional and international security”. It unites the international relations professionals, sociologists and psychologists.
Due to the diplomats’ participation the Conference had obtained the external context, which acts as a powerful consolidating factor both external and internal co-operation.
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Scholarship programme of  China and Czech Republic Governments for students, PhD and academics. Do not miss your chance!
Detailed information about these and many other possibilities to study abroad you may find at the website: http://erasmus.onu.edu.ua/uk/inshi-programi


One of the best universities in Italy,  Ca 'Foscari  University  of Venice opens  CALL FOR  APPLICATIONS for Student mobility for studies in the framework of Erasmus +  programme for the Autumn 2016. The CALL is open for  bachelor  and master students of following specialties: archeology, history, Italian Language and Literature
Deadline for applications - March 9, 2016


Ministry of Education and Sciencе of Ukraine, State fond of fundamental research  of Ukraine, Department of physics and astronomy of the National academy of sciences of Ukraine, Scientific Council of NASU on the problem "Physics of Semiconductors and Semiconductor Devices",  Ukrainian Physical Society, the Academy of sciences of the higher school of Ukraine, V.E. Lashkaryov Institute for Semiconductor Physics of NASU, Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University, Interdepartmental scientific-educational physics and technical centre of MES and NAS of Ukraine
7th International Scientific and Technical Conference “Sensor Electronics and
Microsystem Technologies (SEMST-7)”
(with the Exhibition of sensor developments and industrial samples)
“SEMST-7”, Ukraine, Odessa, May 30 – June 3, 2016
The aim of the conference and the exhibition is to review achievements in the field and to discuss modern problems in various branches of Sensorics.
  • Chairmen Prof. V.A. Smyntyna (Odessa, Ukraine)
  • Vice-chairmen Prof. A.D’Amico (Romе, Italy)
  • Vice-chairmen  NASU corresponding  member A.E. Belyaev (Kiev, Ukraine)
  • Vice-chairmen NASU corresponding  member V.G. Litovchenko (Kiev, Ukraine)
  • Scientific secretary Prof. Ya.I. Lepikh (Odessa, Ukraine)


On Friday, 19th, French diplomats, The Ambassador Advisor Pascal SLIVANSKI and Attaché on the scientific and inter-universities issues Sylvain RIGOLLET, visited ONU and met with its Rector, Prof. I.M. KOVAL.
Rector told the guests about the history of the University and current atate of the scientific departments and activities of Astronomical Observatory, Botanic garden and Scientific library. The number of other important issues were discussed during the meeting, connected with the collaboration with “Alliance Frances” and HEI of France. 
In the end of the meeting in the Rector’s Office the participants traditionally exchanged with memorable presents.
However, it was not the end of the acquaintanceship of French diplomats with the ONU. The guests visited Museum of rare books in the Scientific library and listened to the interesting commentary of the specialists on the library treasures.
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University of Aristotle, the largest university in Greece,  provides scholarships for students and academic staff of ONU within  Erasmus +  programme. 
Deadline for applications - March 9th, 2016
We would like to remind  also that goes on  Call for  applications for the Ca 'Foscari University (Venice), and University of Deusto (Spain).
Deadline for applications – March 9th , 2016
For details please  visit: http://erasmus.onu.edu.ua


ONU Rector, Prof. I. M. KOVAL, welcomed the Gumboldt University delegation on March, 11, 2016, to discuss the perspectives of the collaboration on various directions, which would be interesting for both universities. The members of the delegation were Prof. Dr. Michael KAMPER-van den BOOGART, Prof. Dr. Helga SCHWALM, Prof. Dr. Susanne FRANK, Dr. Stefan KARSH.
During the meeting Rector presented the history and contemporary life of the ONU to the guests. He also told about the agreements concluded with German Universities and about the state of their realization.
Prof. M. KEMPER told briefly about the Berlin University history and about the outstanding people, who co-operated with the University among them A. EINSTEIN, K. MARKS and others. 30, 000 students study at the University today at all faculties, including Medicine Faculty. For a long time already a powerful department of Slavic studies exists at the University. The guests expressed the strong interest in co-operation with the Ukrainian University in the humanitarian sciences field (philology, contemporary literature, political sciences).
After the meeting with a rector guests continued their communication with the ONU representatives from the Philology Faculty, Institute of Social Sciences and the International relations office. 
Guests expressed their high interest in the reports of Politology Department Head, Prof. V. V. POPKOV, and the IRO Head, V. S. GRINEVICH. The sitting was headed and conducted by the prorector, S. F. SKOROKHOD.
The ONU scientists, who were present at the meeting, presented their publications and monographs to the guests, which laid the strong basis for the guests’ acquaintance with their works and works of their colleagues in the scientific fields discussed.
In the end of the fundamental discussions the common wish to develop the collaboration was expressed in order to prepare the basis for the full-scale agreement conclusion between our universities.
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Counsellor (Commercial) of Embassy of Canada in Ukraine, Mr. Clint MARTIN presented to ONU students of the international economic relations the information about the trade, industry and economic relationships between Canada and other countries, including Ukraine.
Students listened to the presentation with a great interest and showed not ordinary being informed on the professional issues. They also demonstrated their fluent English.
Mr. Clint MARTIN expressed his gratitude to our University for the given opportunity to take floor and acknowledged the high educational level of our students.
International relations office
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The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine jointly with the Scientific Exchange Fulbright Program (USA) in Ukraine organized and held in ONU the training “How to make publications in the International reviewed editions” I. I. Mechnikov. This event was held with a participation of American scientists-Fulbright scholars in Ukraine on April 4, 2016. The ONU Scientific Library fellows headed by its Director, Mrs. M. PODREZOVA, played a prominent role in the event organizing and holding.
The meeting was opened with the ONU Rector’s, Prof. I. KOVAL’s speech.
All the scientists, lecturers and PhD Students who revealeded their interest in the training had the possibility to join the discussion on modern methods of self-realization, leadership and efficient ways of publication making during the training, which will continue since 9:00 till 18:00 on April, 4, 2016.
The International Relations Office
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On April 5, 2016 the ceremonial opening of the Fulbright Conference with the participation of the US scientists-Fulbright Scholars has taken place in ONU. 
ONU Rector, Prof. I. M. KOVAL, and the Academic Exchange Program in Ukraine Director, Marta KOLOMYETS, opened the conference welcoming all the lecturers, PhD students and students, interested in the new scientific experience obtaining.
Mrs. Marta KOLOMYETS expressed her gratitude to the University and asured that the collaboration between the Fulbright Fund in Ukraine and the ONU will be fruitfully developing at least because of our Rector being the Fulbright Scholar.
During the Conference, which will continue for 3 days in ONU, the PhD students, young scientists and lecturers will be able to receive the actual information as for Fulbright Program from the 11 Fulbright scholars, and also reveal their knowledge and exchange the scientific views. 
Reference to the resource is obligatory 
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On April, 5, 2016 it was continued the long-term tradition of meetings between the prominent world politicians and the ONU scientific and educational community to discuss the current position of Ukraine in the world. 
The FRG delegation headed by ex-Minister of Defence of Germany, Mr. Volker RUHE, met the students, PhD students and lecturers of the International Economic relations specialty.
During his speech Mr. Volker RUHE stressed on that Ukrainians should be responsible for their own fate and have to use all the given opportunities to reform the whole political system which have to lay the strong foundation for positive economic changes in our state.
During the discussion students addressed a lot of questions to the ex-Minister concerning the problems of illegal migrants in Europe, A. MERKEL’S European policy and the future of the EU in the context of the current demographic and geopolitical changes. 
At the meeting with the ONU rector, prof. I. M. KOVAL, it was underlined that ONU was always staying on the democratic ground and maintained the European direction of the Ukrainian foreign policy, despite of the hard times, which our country suffered since 2013.
In the end of the meeting participants exchanged with the memorable souvenirs. 
Reference: Volker RUHE – German statesman, Minister of Defence (1992-1998). Before 1976 he worked in the field of public education. After 1976 – Member of the Bundestag, deputy chairman of the CDU / CSU, Chairman of the Foreign and domestic policy committee. In 1989-1992 – The CDU Secretary General (before and after the country reunification). Supreme Commander of NATO ground troops (1997).  
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  07nd – 10th  September, 2016
Ukraine,  Odesa, Frantsuzkiy Boulevard  24/26 (Assembly Hall)
XII International Applied Science Conference daRostim 2016
"Biotechnology for Agriculture Production and 
Environmental Protection"
Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University, Ukraine 
Institute of Applied Biotechnology, Germany
Society of Microbiologists of Ukraine 
Society of Biologists and Biotechnologists of Odessa, Ukraine
More information on the web-site:


University of Foggia has launched a new Call for Applications within Erasmus + scholarship programme for  the studies in the first semester of the 2016-2017 academic year. During the First Call, in autumn  2015, three undergraduate and graduate students of ONU have already received grants for studies in Foggia. This time,  bachelor students  of ONU have opportunity to get the grants .
Deadline for applications is 22.00 by Kyiv time, May 11, 2016. Language of instruction - Italian, English.
For more information please visit: http://erasmus.onu.edu.ua/


29th of May - 3rd of June 2016
Ukraine, Odessa, Fransuzskii bulvar, 24/26
organized by Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University, Ukraine and European Organization in Tuberculosis Research TBnet in collaboration with Umeå University, Sweden and Germans Trias i Pujol University, Spain (Marie Curie Actions, IRSES, TB-PROGNOSIS). Experts from Sweden, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Latvia, USA, Netherlands, Moldova, Great Britain, Italy, Armenia will participate in these activities.
European Organization in Tuberculosis Research TBnet
Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University, Ukraine
Frame Project FP7 IRSES-319007-TB PROGNOSIS
Marie Curie Actions and FP7


On Thursday, May 26, 2016, the Agreement on the Educational and Scientific Collaboration was signed between the Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University and 18th March University (Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Üniversitesi, Chanakkale, Turkey) during the ONU’s delegation visit to Chanakkale University. ONU delegation is headed by rector, prof. I. N. KOVAL.
Besides the acquaintance and communicating with Chanakkale University Rector, Prof. Dr. Yücel ACER, ONU delegation also met the Chanakkale Governor. During this meeting the perspectives of not only inter-university, but also of inter-city collaboration, were discussed.
Current event was widely covered in the Turkish press.
Reference to the resource is obligatory 
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Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the largest university in Greece, opens its doors to the students and postgraduates of ONU.
In the framework of  Erasmus + programme Aristotle University provides scholarships for undergraduate, master and postgraduate students of ONU.
Deadline for applications - June 9, 2016
Do not miss your chance!


Конкурс для молодых ученых Danubius Young Scientist Award
Dear colleagues,
as you are aware the Danubius Young Scientist Award nomination procedure is running at the moment and the deadline has been extended to 8th of June 2016.
I would be glad if you could pass on this information or even find a candidate for nomination from your institution or network, as there are so far no nominations from the Ukraine.
Please contact me for any questions you may have.
Kind regards
Martina Hartl
Martina Hartl
Deputy Head of Department
International Research Cooperation
cid:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy
1010 Vienna, Minoritenplatz 5 
Office: Rosengasse 2-6, A-1010 Vienna
Tel.: +43 (0)1 53 120-7171
Fax: +43 (0)1 53 120-997171 
mailto: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Call for nominations
„Danubius Young Scientist Award 2016”
The Danubius Award was created in 2011 by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW) and the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe (IDM) with the intention to honor persons with extraordinary achievements in their scientific activity and output in relation to the Danube Region. 
2016 this award will, for the third time, be complemented with a specific price for young scientists – the „Danubius Young Scientist Award“. This award will be granted to 14 young scientists - one in each country that is part of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region [Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Romania and the Ukraine]. 
The award seeks to highlight the scientific work and talent of young researchers and enhance the visibility of the scientific community in the region: Moreover the award encourages young scientists to engage themselves in the scientific examination of the multifaceted issues and questions specifically related to the Danube Region.
The award will be endowed with 1,200 Euros for each winner of the young scientist award.

AWARD Criteria

Scientific excellence and innovative approach of the academic work

Thematic relevance of the scientific work for issues/problems of the Danube region

Relevance of the scientific work beyond the national borders

Potential of the candidate (for example: integration in international networks, participation in scientific projects, publication history, experience in teaching etc.)

No formal age limit - BUT

Limitation to participants that have received their master/PhD max. 5 years ago
(= after 1st of January 2011). Submissions of candidates holding only a bachelor degree will not be accepted.

Documents have to be submitted in English language (exception: copy of the academic title received) and have to consist of the following parts:
A) maximum 3 pages summary of the scientific work
(e.g. thesis, dissertation, journal article, scientific publication etc.)
B) 1/2 page statement explaining the relevance of the work for the Danube Region and as appropriate the relevance beyond national borders
C) Curriculum Vitae including publication list of the candidate (max. 3 pages)
D) Copy of the document related to the award of the highest academic title received (to verify the criteria of max. 5 years after master degree or PhD degree). 
Please consolidate/merge parts A to D into one file (preferably in pdf format).
Place of submission and deadline:

Nominations will be

accepted in electronic format and in English language only.

Nominations including all relevant documents have to be sent to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The deadline for submitting nominations is

Wednesday, 8th of June 2016 at 23:59.

Candidates for the Danubius Young Scientist Award can come from all scientific disciplines.
The nomination of the award candidate cannot be made by the candidate himself/herself but he or she has to be nominated by their hosting scientific organization (university, academy of sciences etc.). 
The number of nominations per organization is limited to 3.
Every university, academy of sciences or research organization etc. can nominate up to a maximum of three candidates in total; however the three candidates have to come from different faculties or departments, institutes or research groups within the organization.
An international expert jury will be established that will be responsible for assessing all incoming nominations and for determining a final ranking list. 
The highest ranked candidate from each of the countries of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region will be recommended for the award. 
It is expected that the award ceremony will take place in October/November 2016, probably in the context of a high level scientific event by the European Commission´s Joint Research Centre supporting the EU Strategy for the Danube Region.
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