April 20, 2017 the fourteenth Scientific English Conference of the students of the biological faculty of our university «English in touch with life» was held.

On April 27, the delegation of DFG, led by the President of the organization, met with the rector and vice-rectors of ONU.

Bologna University (Italy) launches Call for Applications for masters / postgraduates and academic staff of ONU for studying / training within the Erasmus + program.

Faculties available for study/training:

The ONU International life in March was full of Greek and French events. On March 24, 2017, the University was visited by the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Greece in Ukraine, Mr. Georgios PUKAMISAS.

harvardHarvard Ukrainian Research Institute
34 Kirkland Street Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

Dear friends and colleagues,
I am sending this message as Director of the 2017 Harvard Ukrainian Summer Institute (HUS1). 1 am very- pleased to inform you that the Ukrainian summer school will take place at Harvard from June 17 to August 5, 2017.


On September 16, 2015 the Head of the Communications Service of College of Europe Richard WASHINGTON met the students of the Institute of Social Sciences at the new ONU campus. He presented the Master’s program for future diplomats and administrative workers training. The meeting was opened by the ONU prorector Sergiy F. SKOROKHOD.
In the photo (from left to right): The Head of Communication Service of College of Europe Richard WASHINGTON, the ONU Arabic language lecturer Dmitry K. POBLE.
Students had the possibility to get acquainted with the main principles of the international communication in the European Higher Educational Institutions. They also found out the innovations at modern education sphere. While debating with Richard WASHINGTON, students demonstrated the bright knowledge of the foreign languages. 
Richard WASHINGTON recognized the high level of the ONU students’ educational background. He said, they were highly awared of the international communication issues, understood the processes, taking place in the international education field. He also got acquainted with the ONU international activity through the communication with the International Relations Office Head, Victor S. GRINEVICH, and the ONU lecturer, Ukrainian diplomat, Dmitry K. POBLE.
In the photo (from left to right): Victor S. GRINEVICH, Sergiy F. SKOROKHOD, Richard WASHINGTON. Dmitry K. POBLE
The same day the meeting between Lithuanian journalist Andreas TAPINAS and International Relations department (ISS) students was held. During this meeting students took an active part in the discussion of the global processes and the main tendencies of international relations development, through the prism of the Ukrainian crisis.
Andreas TAPINAS revealed the main aspects of journalists’ work in the conditions of media-wars and also answered all the students’ questions in an easy-going and witty manner.
All the additional information may be obtained at the ONU International Relations Office.
Tel.: 723-60-13
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Workhop is supported by the program of Collaboration of Civil Societies in the countries of Eastern Partnership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany

Program of workshop

September 26-29, 2015

Odessa, Grecheskaja str., 1 (Impact HUB Odessa)


September 26

Arrival of participants
“Odessa: the Places of Memory” (excursion)

September 27 (Grecheskaja str., 1. Impact HUB Odessa)


Section 1. Moderator Vladimir Nemertsalov

9.30-10.00. Oksana Dovgopolova (Ukraine) Reconciliation of Memories – Reconciliation of Society. The opening word of the organizers of workshop
10.00-10.45. Hans-Achim Werner (Germany) “To start from ourselves but not to stop”: Martin Buber on the Truth and Reconciliation
10.45-11.15. Coffee-break
11.15-12.00. Verena Rauen (Germany) “Forgiveness – Acknowledgement – New start” as the basic ethical causes of common life
12.00-12.45. Philippe de Lara (France) The conditions of a shared Jewish-Ukrainian memory: potentials and obstacles
12.45-13.30. Ruud Meij (Netherlands) Memories of the future. Anna Ackmatova, Ludwik Fleck and Stanisław Lem
13.30-14.30. Lunch
14.30-15.15. Frans Geraedts (Netherlands) Reconciliation, the transition from ehtic to civic nationalism and the example of Odessa
15.15-16.00. Nikolai Epple (Russia) Coming to terms with the past: the work with Memory as a necessary base of National Reconciliation

September 28


Section 2. Moderator Oksana Dovgopolova

09.30-10.15. Manfred Deselaers (Germany) Dialogue at the edge of Auschwitz: German, Polish and Jewish perspectives
10.15-11.00. Svetlana Panych (Russia) “And I’ll tell you a story: on the complicity and importance of witness narration
11.00-11.30. Coffee-break
11.30-12.15. Lubov Summ (Russia) Kete and Elena: the Woman’s Fate and Woman’s Memory at the Face of History
12.15-13.00. Eddy Nickolas Orinda (Kenia-Ukraine) The experience of African Committees of Truth and Reconciliation: strategies, successes, problems
13.00-14.00. Lunch
14.00-14.45. Aleksej Alonso (Russia) Spain: the hard way to the National Reconciliation
14.45-15.30. Julia Golodnikova (Ukraine) The Ukrainian New Drama as a tool of Reflection on Collective Trauma and the prospects of new social construing.
15.30-16.15. Orysja Bila (Ukraine) Who’s Lviv is? To the problem of commemorative ethics in multicultural city

September 29


Section 3. Moderator Alla Vaysband

10.00-10.45. Oleksiy Sigov (Ukraine) Between the Irreconcilability and Indifference: the Memory of Hope 
10.45-11.30. Inna Nalivajko (Belarus) The role of everyday practices in reconciliation of memories
11.30-12.00. Coffee-break
12.00-12.45. Aleksej Kamenskikh (Russia) The war of memories in urban space: the Perm case
12.45-13.30. Oksana Dovgopolova (Odessa, Ukraine) Historical Memory as Weapon, Historical Memory as common existential space: commemorative practices of war and reconciliation
13.30-14.30. Lunch
14.30-15.15. Nikolaj Koposov (USA-Russia) The Irreconciliable Memory
15.15-16.30. The Round Table “The new outlines of Historical Memory: when History does not kills”
Scientific society of students and young scientists of ONU


  In the framework of the Project of the British Council in Ukraine "English for Universities", implemented by the Head of ONU International Cooperation Department – prof. Grinevich V.S., during the 2015-2016 academic year for students of the specialty "International Economic Relations" the following courses are taught in English : "International Economic Relations" and "Management of International Portfolio Investments".
All interested are invited to attend the lectures.
More information can be obtained at the Department of World Economy and International Economic Relations: http://onu.edu.ua/uk/structure/institutes/imem/imem_world_eco/
09 November – 13 November  2015,
Ukraine,  Odesa,
I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University
Biotechnological Research and Training Centre
Odesa, str. Dovzhenko 7a


On September, 29, the ONU students met the famous American journalist William C. REMPEL. The meeting was opened by the Press-Attache of the Embassy of the USA in Ukraine, Yaryna FERENCEVYCH. 
At the beginning of his talk Mr. W.C. REMPEL expressed his deep concern on the political situation in Ukraine. He also noted his special attitude to our country, considering his Ukrainian roots.
In the photo: American journalist Mr. W.C. REMPEL delivers his speech to the ONU students
During his speech Mr. W.C. REMPEL listed the types of journalists’ investigations, especially both fundamental and biographical ones. He also advised young journalists to pay more attention to the process of the proved information searching, in this way making it more objective.
In the photo (on the back row left side): Vice-dean in bringing-up work of Journalism faculty, Galyna D. MOROZ
American journalist sees the numerous possibilities for the young Ukrainian journalists to express themselves through to the political conditions in Ukraine. He said, young specialists shouldn’t be afraid to be perceived as being biased. He also commented that despite of the investigation, the correspondent has a risk to be accused of the prejudice. So, the main task is not to please everyone, but to become the reliable information source of high quality.
In the photo: the Press-Attache of the Embassy of the USA in Ukraine, Yaryna FERENCEVYCH, Mr. W.C. REMPEL.
Proving his words Mr. W.C. REMPEL exemplified his own experience: he was accused both by USA Republicans and Democrats of a prejudice after Mr. REMPEL published his materials on George BUSH and on the well-known scandal with Bill CLINTON as a key actor. Such problems are inevitable, but the journalist suggests, the personal relationships and the detailed investigation of the each side position are the strong foundation for making the journalists’ work qualitative and useful.
In the photo: ONU PhD student Tetyana MELNYK, ONU International Relations Head, Viktor S. GRINEVICH.
During the event the participants debated on the crucial and up-to-date issues, analyzing the contradictions of the modern journalism.
International Relations Office
Tel.: (048) 723-60-13
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

On October 7, 2015 Nancy M. Romano, famous Italian musician and spouse of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Italy in Ukraine, conducted her Master-class “Baroque Music from Rome to Venice in XVI-XVIII cent.” in the main campus of ONU.


On October 9, 2015 at the new ONU campus was held on a lecture “Leadership and strategy in difficult times” by Dr. Leonard Novy and Dr. Sergey Lagodinsky, who are engaged into the project of the ELDA (European Leadership and Debate Academy) “Social Campaign School” in Odessa.
The visit has started with the meeting with the Director of the Institute of Social Sciences V. V. Glebov and Deputy Director of Institute of Social Sciences for International Relations department S. V. Glebov.
In the photo (from left to right):  Leonard NOVY, Sergey LAGODINSKY
The lecture was dedicated to effective leadership and importance of strategy forming process in order to reach a success.
Sergey Lagodinsky has started with a small historical journey and together with students identified several historical figures, as well as noted the semantic origin of the word "leader" in different languages. Thereafter they talked about the difference between technical and adaptive approaches to changes on the example of Syrian refugees and proposals of Angela Merkel. "You can take your car to the repair shop as many times as you like after breaking it, but if you do not know how to drive a car that will not help," - said Dr. Lahodynskyy. Nevertheless structural change is a serious challenge for the society,  not only in the form of resistance from the side of authorities, but also from the side of the majority of people around you. Thus, both lecturers noticed such phenomenon as "Status quo-bias", when the society is occasionally resisting necessary changes.
In the photo: Leonard NOVY
Leonard Novy told the students about the necessary stages of the strategy forming process in order to achieve fundamental shift, spoke about interconnection between leadership, communication and strategy. He has also illustrated how to get from rising awareness to socio-cultural change. 
The lecture was held in the form of conversation and active interaction with the audience.
In the photo: Leonard NOVY
The meeting ended up with presentation of a new social campaign "In_Tolerance", developed under the Social Campaigning School and aimed at the increase of tolerance in the society, combating stereotypes and antisocial behavior. 
In the photo (from left to right):  Deputy Director of Institute of Social Sciences Sergey GLEBOV, Sergey LAGODINSKY 
ONU International Relations Office 
Тел.: (048) 723-60-13
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We are launching Prague Summer Schools 2016 and would be grateful, if you could forward the information below to those who might be interested.
Prague Summer Schools are seven-day academic programs designed to bring together undergraduate and graduate students of various nationalities and academic backgrounds to enjoy their summer holidays in a unique academic and cultural environment.
The Prague-based NGO Schola Empirica is pleased to announce the forthcoming Prague Summer Schools on the following topics:
When?   2-9 July 2016
Where?   Prague, Czech Republic
We invite you to visit our website http://www.praguesummerschools.org to discover the details about the upcoming programs. The website will direct you to the individual page of each summer program containing information on academics, logistics, photos, alumni feedback, guidelines to application process, and online application.
We also encourage students to submit their applications to Prague Summer Schools 2016 by the Early Bird deadline of January 31, 2016. Should you have any questions regarding Prague Summer Schools or application process, please do not hesitate to contact us.
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Dear Colleagues,
The European Doctorate in Teacher Education (EDiTE) consortium including Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE, Budapest) is advertising 15 new jobs for early stage researchers in the framework of its joint research programme entitled “Transformative teacher learning for better student learning within an emerging European context”. 
The European Doctorate in Teacher Education (EDiTE)  invites applications for positions of Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) for a period of 36 months from 1st March 2016. The Early Stage Researchers will also be enrolled as doctoral students in the new EDiTE PhD programme. 
You can find further information on the programme at Eötvös Loránd University here:
For more information about application please visit: 
International Relations Office
Tel.: (048) 723-60-13
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


On November 17 General Consul of Turkey in Odessa, Mr. Ufuk TOGRUL, visited the ONU Rector, Prof. I. KOVAL. 
ONU Turkish language teachers, Dursun Ahmed ATADGIK and Soner KORKMAZ, ONU prorector S. SKOROKHOD and IRO Head, V. GRINEVICH also participated in the meeting. During the meeting Mr. Consul General touched upon the prospectives of further collaboration with our University. 
In the photo (from left to right): the translator V. BERBAT, Mr. Consul General of Turkey Ufuk TORGUL, teachers Soner KORKMAZ and Dursun Ahmed ATADGIK. 
Rector, in his turn, presented the history of ONU and described the main directions of students’ involving in Turkish language and culture. Also Prof. Igor KOVAL expressed his gratitude to the Turkish side for assistance in Turkish language and culture Centre development. 
Having discussed all the existing treaties concluded between ONU and Turkish Universities, Mr. Ufuk TOGRUL and Prof. Igor KOVAL confirmed the mutual interest to continue and to develop the collaboration in the educational and cultural spheres. Finalizing the meeting, sides exchanged with the memorable presents.
International Relations Office
Tel.: (048) 723-60-13
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  Mrs. Argita DAUDZE, the Ambassador of Latvia to Ukraine had visited our (ONU) University on the November 20, 2015, where she met the ONU Rector, Prof. Igor KOVAL. Rector, and also present at the meeting, prorector Sergey SKOROKHOD and the IRO Head Viktor GRINEVYCH, had the pleasure on behalf of the whole University to congratulate Mrs. DAUDZE and people of Latvia with the Independence Day, the celebrations of which were taking place those days.
In the photo: The Ambassador of Latvia to Ukraine, Mrs. Argita DAUDZE (photo source: http://old2.lcca.lv/?p=1514)
The visit was also Mrs. A. DAUDZE’s farewell visit to ONU: her stay in Ukraine as an Ambassador comes to an end. Nevertheless, the perspectives of the bilateral collaboration were discussed at the meeting. Mrs. Ambassador suggested, e.g. to develop a trilateral cooperation of Latvia, Ukraine and one of the Asian countries, using the accumulated experience. The financial support, on Mrs. A. DAUDZE opinion, may be obtained in the EU structures.
In anticipation of the Day of Freedom and Dignity in Ukraine, the present at the meeting also recalled the tragic events of winter 2013 – spring 2014 and supported the necessity to move on the way of reforms and democratic transformations.
International Relations Office
Tel.: (048) 731-74-03; 723-60-13
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  5 universities: the University of Ca 'Foscari (Venice), University of Foggia (Italy), university of  Granada (Spain), University of Ostrava (Czech Republic), University of Latvia (Riga)
Internship duration from 1 to 3 weeks, scholarships  from 1255 EUR
Deadline for applications - December 7th , 2015
For more information visit: http://erasmus.onu.edu.ua/


The ONU Rector, Prof. I. N. KOVAL, was invited to the ceremonial events, dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of Eastern European studios foundation, which were taking place on December 5th, 2015 in Warsaw University (Poland).
The Eastern European studios were founded on December 5th, 1990, when their foundation was maintained by the Warsaw University’s Senate. Thousands of experts, including ONU ones, took part in their activity during their existence.   The knowledge and skills  obtained  were applied for  the further activity on formation of European values in the past-Soviet space. The outstanding figures of Poland also took active part at the Forum; among them were former Prime-Minister of Poland and the European Parliament Head (2001-2012), Prof. Y. BUZAK, and the Polish Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs K. PAVLIK. The representatives of Ukrainian Higher education institutions, such as Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University, Ivano-Frankivsk National University, Ostroh Academy and Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi University also participated at the Forum and took part at the ceremonial signature of the Act that unites HEI of Ukraine and Warsaw University.
In the scopes of the Forum the Round Table, in which outstanding state figures took part, became the prominent event.  The Former President of Ukraine L. M. KRAVCHYUK, the Former Head of the Supreme Council of Belorussia S. S. SHUSHKEVICH and the Former Secretary of State and the First Vice-Prime-Minister of Russian Federation G. G. BURBULIS told their commemorations about the Bialowieza events in 1991, which became the critical in the lives of people and countries. The commemorations aroused great interest among the scientific society. The information given by true participants of such crutial events always cause interests because of the opportunity to get acquainted with the new important historical facts. 
All the events were taking part on the Warsaw’s pre-Christmas background.
International Relations Department
Tel.: (048) 723-60-13
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  Wroclaw University of Technology  announces CALL for Applications for the EU Scholarship Programme  Erasmus + for  bachelor students Academic  staff of ONU.
Deadline for applications - December 20th  , 2015
For more information visit: http://erasmus.onu.edu.ua/
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