XІІI international summer school-conference «Molecular microbiology and biotechnology» odesa, 2017

From 4 May to 23 June 2018 year Odesa Mechnikov National University, Danylo Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and Virology, Vinograds’kyj Society of Micro-biologists of Ukraine and Odesa Society of Biologists and Biotechnologists hold ХІІI International School-Conference “Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology”. Main thematically direction - Bioinformatics.

In the Summer School activities will take parts lectors from Ukraine, other countries and Ukrainian universities graduates, working abroad. English language knowledge is necessarily for all participants.

In frame of International Summer School from 20 to 23 June will be International Conference for young scientists “Modern problems of Microbiology and Biotech-nology”.

XІІ International Summer School «Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology» 29 May - 23 June

Young scientists and PhD students are invited to participate Summer School. Or-ganization fee for participants from academic and educational organizations is free, for other participants – 100 euro (or 3200 hrivnas). Application form must be sent before 8 May on e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. executive secretary of Summer School Natalia Vasilieva.

Applications for Summer School participation must be sent as Microsoft Word Document ( *.doc(x)), includes Name and Surname (in Ukrainian and English or in English for foreign participants), age, position or year of PhD-student education, organation, specialty, scientific interests .

Number of participants is limited. Competitive selection for school participation will end 10 May! Information about the results of competition all participants will resave 11 May.

Please pay attention that all participants could take part in International Confer-ence “Modern problems of Microbiology and Biotechnology” with self discoveries presentation or distant.

Arriving for settling in ONU hostel not earlier then 29 May. Starts of the lessons – 29 of May at 11.00 a.m. Ending – 20 June.

All travel expenses (road, accommodation, meals) carries organization that send a partisipant. Settling by wish of a participant – in ONU.

Lessons are conducted in Microbiology, Virology and Biotechnology Chair of ONU. Ad-dress: Odesa, Shampansky provulok, 2.

APPLICATION for International Summer School participation

Surname, name, father name (ukr. and engl) _____________________
Year of birth____________, Specialty_________________
Organization and position___________________________________
(full name of organization, post address, telephone, е-mail)
Contact address _______________________________________
Scientific interes _________________________________________

International conference of young scientists «Modern problems of Microbiology and Biotechnology» From 20 to 23 June

  • Arrival and settling – 20 June.
  • Conference opening - 21 June at 13.00.
  • 21-23 June – conference working session.
  • Conference working language – English.

Application and reports submission deadline – 24 May 2017. According to results of the conference the material will be published. Best works will be published in scientific jour-nal Microbiology and Biotechnology.

Organization fee 250 hrivnas for regular participants and 125 hrivnas for distant partisipants must be paid before 15 June.

Application form for scientific conference participation and reports must be sent on e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to executive secretary of the conference Mykola Galkin.

Reports Requirements: Reports must be no more than 4 pages in Word 97-2003 (*.doc) Document format (Times New Roman, font 14, automatic interval, not more than 30 lines per page, margins 2 cm). File name must contain the name of the first author.

Report structure: UDC indexs; Surnames and names of authors (speaker sur-name must be underline), ABSTRACT TITLE, official Name of the Organization, post address, e-mail; abstract (200 words maximum); key words (no more than five); text of the report must include such parts as: introduction; materials and methods; results and discussion; conclusions; reference list. Latinic names of biological species, genus Itali-cized in Latin. References are given in the text as numbers in square brackets. Tables must be compact, with numbers. Figures must be performed in a precise drawings (with graphic editor in Word, TIF, JPG formats).

Please, do not use any changes in register, fonts, text formatting, and underlin-ing. Organizing Committee reserves the right to edit text reports are not designed ac-cording to the requirements.

APPLICATION for participation of International Conference “Modern problems of Microbiology and Biothechnology”

Surname, name, father name (ukr. and engl) _______________________________________________________
Organization and position___________________________________
(full name of organization, post address, telephone, е-mail)
Report name (first author must be accentuateted) ____________________________________________________

Form of participation ____________________________________________
(oral report, poster, distant)

Accommodation needs (hotel or hostel)____________________________

Bank details for the transfer of the registration fee in hrivna:

Громадська організація «Спілка біологів і біотехнологів Одеси» (ГО «СББО»)
Банк: Філія Южного ГРУ ПАТ КБ Приватбанк м. Одеса
р/р 26007060307205 ЄДРПОУ: 35357166 МФО 328704
Purpose of payment: “ The registration fee for participation in the conference "Modern problems of microbiology and biotechnology", or " Registration fee for participation in the Summer School " participant must indicate the name.

Bank details for the transfer of the registration fee in euro:

company Name: PO “OSSB”,
The bank account of the company: 26004054412239
Name of the bank: Privatbank, 50 Naberezhnaya Pobedy St., Dnipro, 49094, Ukraine
Company address: Rum 73, Kor. 1, 50., Ak. Williamsa St., Odessa, 65015, Ukraine

IBAN Code: UA643287040000026004054412239

correspondent banks
Account in the correspondent bank: 400886700401
SWIFT-code of the correspondent bank: COBADEFF
correspondent bank: Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

DETAILS OF PMNT____________________( Purpose of payment)



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