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The Famous USA Journalist is a Guest of ONU Students

On September, 29, the ONU students met the famous American journalist William C. REMPEL. The meeting was opened by the Press-Attache of the Embassy of the USA in Ukraine, Yaryna FERENCEVYCH. 
At the beginning of his talk Mr. W.C. REMPEL expressed his deep concern on the political situation in Ukraine. He also noted his special attitude to our country, considering his Ukrainian roots.
In the photo: American journalist Mr. W.C. REMPEL delivers his speech to the ONU students
During his speech Mr. W.C. REMPEL listed the types of journalists’ investigations, especially both fundamental and biographical ones. He also advised young journalists to pay more attention to the process of the proved information searching, in this way making it more objective.
In the photo (on the back row left side): Vice-dean in bringing-up work of Journalism faculty, Galyna D. MOROZ
American journalist sees the numerous possibilities for the young Ukrainian journalists to express themselves through to the political conditions in Ukraine. He said, young specialists shouldn’t be afraid to be perceived as being biased. He also commented that despite of the investigation, the correspondent has a risk to be accused of the prejudice. So, the main task is not to please everyone, but to become the reliable information source of high quality.
In the photo: the Press-Attache of the Embassy of the USA in Ukraine, Yaryna FERENCEVYCH, Mr. W.C. REMPEL.
Proving his words Mr. W.C. REMPEL exemplified his own experience: he was accused both by USA Republicans and Democrats of a prejudice after Mr. REMPEL published his materials on George BUSH and on the well-known scandal with Bill CLINTON as a key actor. Such problems are inevitable, but the journalist suggests, the personal relationships and the detailed investigation of the each side position are the strong foundation for making the journalists’ work qualitative and useful.
In the photo: ONU PhD student Tetyana MELNYK, ONU International Relations Head, Viktor S. GRINEVICH.
During the event the participants debated on the crucial and up-to-date issues, analyzing the contradictions of the modern journalism.
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