International ties are becoming part of our everyday lives. We are increasingly not only traveling abroad for congresses, conferences, internships, etc., but also accept foreign guests at our university in same formats. It is unlikely that there will be a faculty that would not have such connections.

But today it is about work at the Odessa University by Jason David Hans - a Fulbright Program partisipant, a professor at the Faculty of Family Studies, editor-in-chief of the journal “Family Science Review” (University of Kentucky), - who for the second time worked with students, doctoral students and lecturers in our Faculty of Psychology.
In the first Fulbright term, Professor Jason Hans taught two semesters in English with lectures on family problems and sexual relations for students of different faculties. Certificate of graduation was received by 27 students.
This academic year began on September 7, 2017, with a public lecture by Professor D. Hans "Scientific publications in the USA: myths and reality" at the regular meeting of the psychology section at the Odessa House of Scientists.

Training program by Professor Jason David Hans, Fulbright Academic Exchange Program Scholarship in Ukraine, for the academic year 2017-2018

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During the entire 2017/2018 academic year, at the invitation of the Department of Social and Applied Psychology (ONU) Jason GANS, editor-in-chief of the journal “Family Science Review”, professor of the Department of Family Studies at the University of Kentucky (USA), Fulbright program winner, teaches classes in English for doctoral students, graduate students, masters and students of ONU in the direction of "Scientific Research", and for teachers - a scientific and methodological seminar "Publications of research results in foreign journals."

Section of Psychology at the Odessa House of Scientists

 In February 5 - March 5, 2015 Odessa House of Scientistshosts

 II International Scientific and Practical Internet Conference


"Cognitive and converting potential of historical psychology as a science"

Dedicated to the 150-th anniversary of the founding of Odessa I.I. Mechnikov

National University

To participate in the conference were invited scholars and teachers, students, social workers, journalists – all those who are interested, engaged in theoretical and practical problems of historical psychology.

The aims of the conference are to present the cognitive and converting potential of historical psychology as an independent science that research at the intersection of many humanities, the outlining of the current state of theoretical and empirical developments in historical psychology that will track the dynamics of its subject and methods in a terms of changing of methodological guidelines of humanities.

The specificity of this internet conference is an emphasis on multiculturalism as a civilizational phenomenon that is becoming increasingly important in today's Ukraine society and in the world. The main idea of the conference – to attract a wide audience of specialists in humanities (psychology, history, sociology, political science, philosophy, culture, philology, social work) to find solutions for the problem of consolidation of Ukrainian society. Internet Conference is held at


Subjects of conference:

Section №1.Methodology and methods of historical psychology.

Section №2.The subject of history and culture.

Section № 3.Historical psychology as a trend of history of psychology.

Section № 4.Fundamental and applied psycho-historical research in general, social and ethnic psychology.

Section № 5.Historical psychology:archetypes, myths, mentality, view of the world of person and community in life and art.

Section № 6.The self-realization of the individual in cultural and historical space.

Section №7.Psychology of everyday life and holidays in traditional and modern society.

Section № 8.Religion in a multicultural society.

Section № 9.Psycho-historical reconstruction of mentality of individuals and communities.

Section № 10.Multiculturalism and Globalization in the political process of Ukraine, Europe and the world.

Section № 11.Constructive resource of historical psychology and philosophical anthropology (as Meta anthropology) to create the political nation in terms of multiculturalism.

Section №12.Social work and psychosocial care: history and current status.

Conference languages - Ukrainian, Russian, English, French.




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