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The K.E. Tsiolkovsky Odessa Planetarium ceased to exist in 1991. It was founded in 1963 at the initiative of the Director of Astronomical Observatory, corresponding member of the Academy of Science of Ukraine, Vladimir P. Tsesevich. All efforts undertaken by the astronomical community to restore the Planetarium to life yielded no results due to the high cost of standard planetarium projectors manufactured by the Carl Zeiss Company (Germany).

In 2000, a new Planetarium Auditorium was established in the I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University as an alternative to the old one; it is located in the grounds of the Astronomical Observatory in the T.G. Shevchenko Park and delivers courses of lectures and guided tours of the night sky thereby supporting astronomical education, as well as cultivating and sustaining an interest in learning such fascinating sciences as astronomy and space science. The Auditorium lectures are delivered by the staff of the Department of Astronomy and Astronomical Observatory of the University. State-of-the-art digital technologies make it possible to create a full-featured cost-efficient Planetarium.

The extension of the existing Planetarium Auditorium facilities with a mobile grid-shell planetarium with a 7-m diameter dome is planned in the first stage of construction. The cost of installation of such a planetarium, along with auxiliary equipment, is about seven thousand US dollars. The University officials are ready to bear the cost of buying a planetarium dome while additional funds will need to be raised to equip it with necessary standard equipment. As it is hoped that these funds will be raised successfully, the new Planetarium is to be opened in September 2016 marking the 145th anniversary of the Astronomical Observatory of ONU.

At the second stage, engineering and arrangement of a planetarium with a 20-m diameter dome, similar to the Kyiv Planetarium, are to be performed.

We kindly invite you to contribute to the Odessa Planetarium restoration by making a donation.

Your donation will be confirmed by issuing and delivering a Certificate which will grant you a right to reduced-fee admission to the Planetarium in the future. The names of individuals and organisations that provided donations will be added to the Planetarium Distinguished Visitors Book. The logos of organisations which donated the most will be placed on the Planetarium dome.

Donations for the Planetarium restoration can be transferred to the bank account of the Non-Profit Organisation “International Association of the Graduates and Friends of the I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University” (the President of the Association is Professor I.N. Koval, Rector of ONU).

Please note!
When making a transfer, be sure to indicate “a Donation for the Planetarium” in the field “Details of Payment”


Bank account details of the Association:

Name of legal entity: International Association of Graduates and Friends of the I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University

EDRPOU Code (a unique code in the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organisations of Ukraine: 39445565

Account No: 26056000037402

Bank name: Public Joint-Stock Company UkrSibbank

MFO (Interbranch turnover): 351005



To allow us to proceed with the issue of a certificate, can you, please, inform us when the transfer has been executed

via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or on the Astronomical observatory contact telephones: +38 048 722 03 96, 728 11 68.




The Certificate presented here below is to be issued to confirm your kind donation


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