For Prospective Students

For citizens of all countries:

The Term of study from 6 to 10 months beginning from September.
For foreign citizens who want of study or improve their Russian (Ukrainian) and to have additional information about Ukrainian and the

World History, Sciences and Culture there are special short-time courses:

  1. Courses in Russian or Ukrainian for Beginners and Summer courses.
  2. Speech and Social-Cultural Adaptation.
  3. Russian (Ukrainian) correction courses.
  4. Practical courses in Russian (Ukrainian) language courses for foreign businessmen.
  5. Cultural humanitarian series of lectures on Literature, Art and History of Ukraine or Russia.
  6. Peculiarities of Russian (Ukrainian).
  7. Introduction to the practice of translation from a foreign language into Russian (Ukrainian) and from Russian (Ukrainian) into a foreign language.
  8. Training on the Candidate minimum Russian (Ukrainian) examination.
  9. Business relations: theory and practice.
  10. Cultural and excursion programs of Ukraine and CIS.

The term of study depends on the program chosen and the degree of the language application and may vary from 1 to 10 months (full study year) and more.

For foreign tourists and businessmen, for everybody who wants to have detailed acquaintance with Culture and Economy of Ukrainian and of the CIS, who wants to set up joint ventures, own firms or trade representations the Odessa State university offers the short-term courses in Russian (Ukrainian) and Ukrainian legislation concerning international economic activities.

To receive diploma of the interpreter (translator) of Russian (Ukrainian) or some other European languages one may study here from 2 to 3 years. Training is being given by highly qualified specialists with the profound experience in foreign students individual and standard programs teaching .

According to the signed contract students of the Preparatory Department and short-time summer courses are provided with dormitory rooms for two persons and health service.

The accommodation is carried out in 11 student hostels with comfortable separate 2-3 beds rooms, with kitchens, showers, etc. In the campus there are dinning-halls, cafes, dispensary, stadiums, tennis court. In summer students may combine their studies and relaxation in the sports base of the University at the Black Sea shore. For the additional fee the excursions to the cities of Ukraine or CIS may be organized.

After their successful graduation in all kinds and forms of studies, the foreign citizens receive set-form certificates.

The foreign, as well as Ukrainian, students are taught by highest-qualification specialists of the University.

Well known teachers are regularly invited to Odessa University from the leading higher schools of the world. They teach practically at all Faculties of the University.

Through its Administration for International Cooperation, the University involves in the sphere of its activity the high schools of Odessa where school pupils are prepared for the University in natural sciences and humanities to be trained for studies abroad.

In addition to the cooperation in the field of education (training students and postgraduates from abroad), OdessaUniversity forwards scientific and business iinteractivities in research-and-design project developments.

The cooperation includes the following forms:

  • two-side contacts and agreements;
  • projects based on individual contracts of the University personnel (instructors and researchers);
  • taking part in international congresses, cconferences and other events;
  • taking part in exchange-programs of teachers under the regulations of the international oorganizations such as Fulbright's Fund, Soros Fund, the European Society Program "Tempus", the Eurasian Fund;
  • exchange of scientific and didactic information and publications.

Odessa University has signed and is realizing 25 two-side agreements and contracts with foreign centers with which it is in effective cooperation.


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